Lighter/Compositor- DreamWorks TV

TV – Lighter/Compositor

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Tracking Code
4007-01.2 (PIB)
Job Description
Title:               Lighter/Compositor, TV

Department:   TV Production HUB or Lighting

Reports To:    Production Supervisor, TV or Line Producer, TV


Working closely with the Lighting & Compositing Supervisor and CG Supervisor, CG-TV, to develop lighting looks and light rigs for CG series and for lighting and compositing final scenes.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design and create lighting and the look of environments and characters for digitally composited sequences to reach the vision of the Animation Director, TV and Supervising Producer, CG-TV while meeting the production schedule.
  • Set up, light, rig and comp Character and Environment Assets.
  • Manage personal asset lighting load, meeting all deadlines of milestones to material delivery, based on the established schedule and technical requirements.
  • Initiate, set up, organize and document any lighting tools.
  • Perform technical work in support of shot lighting using various production tools.
  • Perform creative lighting development setup as required using lighting and compositing tools.
  • Optimize setups for rendering.
  • Serve as lighting & compositing point person in production specific meetings and reviews.
Required Skills

  • Aesthetic eye for light composition and detail.
  • Strong understanding of color, contrast, and lighting design is required.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
Required Experience

  • Ideally 3-5 years’ experience in the television, feature film or gaming industries.
  • Experience in Maya and Nuke required.
  • Node-based compositing experience required (preferably Nuke).
  • Experience compositing render passes generated from V-Ray and Mental Ray.
  • Python scripting experience preferred.
  • Working knowledge of Linear Workflows.
  • Experience with asset management software.
  • Experience in Television, series, or game production highly desirable.
Job Location
Glendale, California, United States
Position Type



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Job Locations

Overview and Responsibilities


  • Nickelodeon Animation Studio is looking for a Production Manager for an animated TV series with interactive components. This person will manage the daily activities of production. He or she must have experience either in CG animated TV series, video game production, or both. Real-time rendering experience is a big plus. Preference will be given for technical experience with real-time rendering and CG production pipelines.


  • Communicate with Line Producer daily regarding the status of the department.
  • Coordinate the workflow for all supervisors and artists in the CG Department.
  • Keep accurate daily output information of all departments, and enforce deadlines.
  • Alert LP of potential problems and suggest appropriate solutions.
  • Update key production personnel on the status of all areas of production.
  • Maintain and distribute weekly production schedule with accurate information to upper management and production staff.
  • Run weekly department meetings.
  • Supervise Production Coordinator(s) and Production Assistants; assist Line Producer in hiring, performance reviews and terminations for these positions.
  • Oversee preparation production materials for shipping.
  • Manage schedule to ensure production meets strict deadlines. Some of these duties include:
  • Troubleshoot problem.
  • Coordinate and supervise vendor studios.
  • Coordinate and supervise freelance production staff.
  • Assist in the scheduling of key production personnel.
  • Schedule production meetings as necessary.


  • Assist with ancillary projects; assist LP with special projects.
  • Act as primary liaison with vendor studio(s).
  • Facilitate communication in a timely manner between production unit and outside studio regarding production issues, questions and materials.
  • Assist Post Supervisor in monitoring and facilitating retake process; ensure that lists and notes are communicated in a timely manner; monitor retake budget.
  • Draft and coordinate all new hire paperwork for freelancers.
  • Update Recruitment and Human Resources departments on all freelance and full-time hires.
  • Review and approve weekly time sheets.
  • Gather and submit new hire information to Human Resources.
  • Coordinate Facilities and IS&T requests.
  • Coordinate materials for festivals, awards, etc.

Basic Qualifications


  • Real-Time Rendering experience a plus.
  • Knowledge of Maya, Word, Excel, Outlook, familiarity with internet and email.
  • Knowledge of EPBudgeting, FileMaker Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator a plus.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work well under pressure.
  • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment.
  • Possess complete knowledge of animation production process.


  • BA/BS preferred, or 2 – 3 years of animation production / video game experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experien

Maya Previs Animator Pixomondo – Los Angeles, CA


Maya Previs Animator
Pixomondo – Los Angeles, CA

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Position Requirements:
Create previs versions of sequences and shots that help support the director’s intention via appropriate use of camera lenses & movement, composition, staging, motion blocking and editing.
Previs artists are tasked with producing creative and effective visual solutions to support both the story and technical requirements of films.
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Follow Director(s) creative direction in the layout process.
• Adhere to the complexity of the movie.
• Take the vision of the Director(s), and block the existing boards to create a 3D version of the story reel with a unique layout of shots.
• Work with the Director(s) and CG Supervisor on the iterations of each shot/sequence.
• Define and interpret specific instructions from the Director(s) and production.
• Responsible for being knowledgeable about software used on the production, as it relates to the Rough Layout department.
• Adhere to Pipeline protocols for the Layout department, as governed by Production Engineering.
• Remain accountable for assigned shot count management through Layout process.
• Responsible for adhering to the complexity of the movie, within the scope of production.
• Responsible for adhering to the production schedule.
• Responsible for participation in the unification and initiatives for the studio within the RLO department.
• Attend meetings with RLO artists to keep the crew informed on show changes and requirements.
• Communicate in a timely fashion with APM and Production for all inter-department concerns.
• Attend Layout Reviews, Launches and Approvals with Production.

Job Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Computer Visualization, or Computer Animation required or equivalent work experience.
• 2+ years of experience creating cinematic pre-visualizations or rough layout for CG animation using MAYA.
• A strong interest in Rough Layout, Set Dressing and Stereoscopy.
• Knowledge in scene, shot, camera, and character composition is preferred.
• Exposure to modeling, lighting, texturing and animation is preferred.
• A good working knowledge of the principles of cinematic staging, blocking and camera work.
Job Type: Full-time
Job Location:
• Los Angeles, CA

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JOBS: Deluxe Animation Studios: Line Producer


Position:               Line Producer
Location:              Toronto, Canada

Facility:                 Deluxe Animation Studios

Deluxe Animation Studios is seeking an experienced Line Producer for an animated project.  The Line Producer will manage the entire production and ensure its completion, on schedule, on budget, with an international team of artists.

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Role Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with Client, Director, and department supervisors in the management of all phases of the production.
  • Oversee the overall management of the departments, through scheduling, production planning, and troubleshooting.
  • Work with Director and supervisors to find creative solutions for production problems that arise.
  • Develop and use planning and tracking systems.
  • Organize and manage production personnel.
  • Generate and oversee reports.

The Line Producer position reports directly to Deluxe Animation’s Executive Management.

Job Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in Animation, Film, Art, Communications, Management or equivalent work experience.
  • 5+ years of production management leadership experience.  Animation experience is required.
  • Ability to communicate and collaborate with Executives, Clients, Directors, Supervisors, and Production Management throughout a production
  • Broad background of experience in production.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills.
  • Ability to act decisively in a fast-paced high-pressure production environment.
  • Must have strong project planning skills.
  • Strong supervisory and delegation skills.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to work effectively in an environment with diverse personalities and work styles.
  • Must have strong administration skills.
  • Strong knowledge of project management software including Excel.
  • Feature experience an asset.

Deluxe has policies in place to provide accommodation to job applicants with disabilities who require accommodation during the selection and hiring process.

DreamWorks TV- Post Production Assistant


Dreamworks TV – Post Production Assistant

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Tracking Code
2007-05 (DTX)
Job Description
DreamWorks Animation                                                           

Job Title: Post Production Assistant, TV

Reports To: Post Production Supervisor; Manager, Post Production


Assists the Post Supervisor in day to day activities to ensure projects run smoothly.


  • Tracks footage delivery deadlines; downloads and posts footage. Alerts editors and assistant editors of deliveries received.
  • Responsible for picture retake lists, relaying retake lists and gathering clarification materials for outside studios.
  • Distributes and posts QTs for internal and external review; tracking all notes that arise from these reviews.
  • Attends sessions and takes thorough notes; ensures they are distributed to all appropriate production staff.
  • Facilitates communication with partner studios by answering retake questions and coordinating the delivery of clarification materials in a timely manner.
  • Assists in general administrative duties, correspondence, and organization of all post related materials.


  • Knowledge of Word, Excel, Outlook; familiarity with Gmail, google docs.
  • Knowledge of Shotgun, Photoshop, Illustrator a plus but not essential
  • Dependable, punctual, resourceful. Available for OT as needed.
  • Extremely organized, detailed, flexible, has a positive attitude, and a general interest and commitment to learning the post production pipeline.


  • BA/BS preferred, animation production/post experience a plus but not essential.
Job Location
Glendale, California, United States
Position Type

Animatic Editor- DreamWorks


TV – Animatic Editor

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Job Description
Title: Animatic Editor

Department: Editorial

Reports To: Line Producer and Editorial Supervisor


Generate timed video of storyboard panels, audio, and sound effects to serve as animation reference.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for generating a rough assembly cut of the episode based on the Director’s notes and vision.
  • Ensure that the rough assembly is reviewed and approved by Director and other creative department heads. Generate notes and apply to ensure that animatic pitch timing is accurate.
  • Ensure that quality issues and clarity are adhered to for sound. As needed, add temporary sound effects from sound libraries.
  • Ensure appropriate production crew members are aware of the temp music, sound requests and any quality issues.
  • Participate in animatic pitch sessions and maintain responsibility for all revisions to animatic.
  • Work with Director to intake animatic notes, provide revisions, clarify feedback and generate an output of the locked animatic and prepare for shipping to vendor studios.
  • Create outputs of pitch animatic and locked animatic for shipping to partner studios.
  • Ensure production staff is made aware of pickup lines and scratch dialog.
  • Responsible for timely delivery of deliverables and partner with production to ensure issues or concerns are elevated as needed.
  • Create edit list as a reference for partner studios to ensure timing is accurate.
Required Skills

  • 1 – 2 years editing experience on Premiere or Avid.
  • Ability to work in high-pressure environment under tight deadlines
  • BA in Film preferred, or equivalent experience/education
Job Location
Glendale, California, United States
Position Type