Jobs: Disney Animation looking for 3D Character Modelers

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From the site:

Walt Disney Animation Studios has an exciting opportunity for a Modeler to join the team at our Burbank, CA studio.

As a Modeler at our studio, you will build complex 3D models including organic characters and articulated set and prop models. You’ll work with a team of artists, including Visual Development Artists and Character TDs to interpret designs, and build and refine models for production.

You can read more here:

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It seems to me that any website called Animation Insider ought to do what it can to help other be insiders as well so when we hear of available jobs we’ll post them here for you! Good luck!


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Jobs: Character Animator


reelFxReel FX is hiring a character animator in Santa Monica. character animator job in Santa Monica.

You can learn more here.




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News: New Nickelodeon job website


Nickelodeon has premiered a brand new Nick Animation Careers website and it’s pretty cool. Straightforward and easy to navigate, this will be I imagine the spot to check what’s going on there as far as new gigs. It’s a lot easier than the old way in my opinion. It also highlights internships and how to go about applying for that, as well as a new Talent Development section where they outline the Artist program and Writing programs which many great industry people have emerged from. All in all I think it’s a great step forward for seeing what Nick has to offer to help you shape your career in animation!

Nick Animation Careers

Jobs: Nickelodeon Animation Director

Animation-directorA new thing we’re gonna do here in 2013 at Animation is to notify people about jobs we hear of. Here’s a great opportunity at Nickelodeon for an Animation Director. (and no I do not know which show it is for)
If you don’t know what an Animation Director is, you probably shouldn’t apply but in the interest of education it’s typically someone who handles exposure sheets in addtion to retakes and revisions. Here’s a little bit more about Exposure Sheets.
You can read more about the job and apply here:

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