Maya Previs Animator Pixomondo – Los Angeles, CA


Maya Previs Animator
Pixomondo – Los Angeles, CA

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Position Requirements:
Create previs versions of sequences and shots that help support the director’s intention via appropriate use of camera lenses & movement, composition, staging, motion blocking and editing.
Previs artists are tasked with producing creative and effective visual solutions to support both the story and technical requirements of films.
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Follow Director(s) creative direction in the layout process.
• Adhere to the complexity of the movie.
• Take the vision of the Director(s), and block the existing boards to create a 3D version of the story reel with a unique layout of shots.
• Work with the Director(s) and CG Supervisor on the iterations of each shot/sequence.
• Define and interpret specific instructions from the Director(s) and production.
• Responsible for being knowledgeable about software used on the production, as it relates to the Rough Layout department.
• Adhere to Pipeline protocols for the Layout department, as governed by Production Engineering.
• Remain accountable for assigned shot count management through Layout process.
• Responsible for adhering to the complexity of the movie, within the scope of production.
• Responsible for adhering to the production schedule.
• Responsible for participation in the unification and initiatives for the studio within the RLO department.
• Attend meetings with RLO artists to keep the crew informed on show changes and requirements.
• Communicate in a timely fashion with APM and Production for all inter-department concerns.
• Attend Layout Reviews, Launches and Approvals with Production.

Job Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Computer Visualization, or Computer Animation required or equivalent work experience.
• 2+ years of experience creating cinematic pre-visualizations or rough layout for CG animation using MAYA.
• A strong interest in Rough Layout, Set Dressing and Stereoscopy.
• Knowledge in scene, shot, camera, and character composition is preferred.
• Exposure to modeling, lighting, texturing and animation is preferred.
• A good working knowledge of the principles of cinematic staging, blocking and camera work.
Job Type: Full-time
Job Location:
• Los Angeles, CA

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Age of Ultron Previs reel

Previs reel from a very talented fella named Chris Olsen, who did some amazing shot in Avengers Age of Ultron.

For those that don’t know the term Previs signifies someone who lays out animation rigs along with setting up camera moves and linking them to the data mined from live action plates. From there the director can change angles and shots before they spend the money to render it to full resolution and quality. From The Third Floor’s website (who worked on shots in the film) it is:

 …an abbreviated term for “previsualization”, the process of visualizing and improving a project before the final endeavor is attempted. Historically, filmmakers relied on storyboards, concept artwork, and physical models to help them plan their visions.

Now you know! Cool stuff!

Jobs: LA Previs Animator at Zoic Studios in Culver City, CA.

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About Zoic Studios
Zoic Studios is a multiple Emmy and VES award winning VFX company, comprised of accomplished artists, supervisors, and producers, who understand all aspects of visual effects and the creative story process.

We are currently looking for a previs animator for our episodic division!  We are currently looking for artists with immediate availability.

Summary of Position
The previs animator works closely with the creative director, creating original animation based on project storyboards


  • Skill in generating creative and engaging camera movements
  • A sense of drama, scale, and timing
  • A familiarity with creatively animating cameras for intense action filled sequences
  • Ability to take direction from the creative director
  • Ability to work in an extremely fast paced environment


  • 3+ years experience working as a Previs animator for commercials, film, or episodics
  • Advanced knowledge of Maya animation and cameras
  • Highly creative and flexible
  • Must be comfortable taking direction
  • A strong reel demonstrating animated cameras for action sequences
  • Ability to work on-site in our Culver City studio

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