Flash CC 2015 new extensions Installer method

So earlier this morning I had a conversation with the programmers at Adobe Flash who walked me through the new method for installing an extension in Flash CC 2015 since Adobe has effectively gotten rid of the Extensions Manager which makes all extensions needing be installed via the Command Line interface (PC) or the Terminal (Mac)
In short, here’s how you have to install an extension now in Flash CC 2015:
Step 1.)
Download the EXManCmd.exe file from Adobe:
The ExManCmd.exe is a command line utility and not a UI tool, so DON’T start the program as it will be run from the Terminal and Command Line instead. You do not need to run it to make it work.
Step 2.)
Unzip the program and make not e of where you store it. Then find the downloaded folder and place all the .zxp exnesions you want to install into the same folder and the unzipped EXManCmd program.
Step 3.)
Then, in Terminal (Mac) or Command Prompt (Windows), use the ‘cd’ command to navigate to the exman folder where the initial ZIPfile was extracted, e.g.:

So for me, it would be:


Then you need to run the following command:
For a Mac it would be:
./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd – -install KeyframeCaddy.zxp
And for Windows it would be:
ExManCmd.exe /KeyframeCaddy.zxp

An example of how to write the install via the Command Line interface. (sorry but I don’t have a Mac to do this with currently)

Once you run the command your add-on should be installed and obviously like in the past, Flash should NOT be running.
You can verify that your extensions are installed by running:
[mac] ./Contents/MacOS/ExManCmd – -list all
[win] ExManCmd.exe /list all
Yes you need to repeat this for every extension which is kind of a pain in the ass but that’s how it works and honestly Flash CC 2015 is a better tool and worth it in the long run if only for it’s Split Audio feature.
Well that’s it, let us know if you were able to install your extensions correctly!