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When I first conceived of Animation Insider I pictured it as a site for animators by animators.  Being a professional animator or artist is hard. It takes a lot of networking skills and dedication. It also takes promotion. Many of the people I know do their own thing on the side, be it comics, short films, jewelry, paintings, tutorials and teaching, writing, to name a few.  A few I know even bake!

That said, we’re starting a new feature on Animation whereby you can promote your events, films reel, or art here and be seen thousands of artists, development executives and animators daily. You can even sell your DVDs etc. here as well. Pretty cool you say?

Damn straight!

So how does this awesomeness work?

Well, nothing is for free, so first up it costs $20 for each post payable to Paypal, but we figure, that’s about the price of a lunch and if you believe in your idea, event etc… then $20 isn’t much to spend.

After that, all you’ve got to do is send $20 to on Paypal and send me your flyer, art, reel, whatever and as long as it meets our guidelines we’ll post it on your behalf!
Pretty easy huh?



  1. Hi,
    I’m Stefania D’Onghia, a freelance graphic designer , illustrator and story board artist.
    I’ve worked in cartoon animated film as story board on preproduction phase in “Winx 2” and “La Gabbianella ed il Gatto”. I love cartoon character desginer and I’m available for new jobs and experiences and I’m open for collaboration.

    I’m look forward to receive feebacks.

    Thank, Stey.

  2. hi,
    I’m Nastaran from Iran.i am graphic designer & illustrator in one of the private bank (Parsian Bank).with 7 year experiance about Graphic design and Illustration.
    I’m looking for new experience in character designer in another country, how can i apply for your company?
    you can visit my artwork in
    I’m look forward to receive fee backs.
    best regard, Nastaran

    • We are not an animation studio… we are a magazine more or less so you don’t ‘apply’ to us. We simply interview artists and animators across the world.

  3. I don’t have a website yet, but I’m trying to get started as a Color Consultant/Color Stylist.

    I know how to show people which colors look best on them and which color combinations to wear, and also which colors to avoid.

  4. Hello, my name is Deseree. I am working on a stop motion web series shorts called “Dont Stop eMotion”. I am currently working on episode 4. I am new to animation and would appreciate any feedback! Hope all is well!

  5. Very cute Deseree!

  6. Am happy to knw dat such a site exists….

  7. Am an animator and i nid friends who can educate me more on designing characters

  8. Thamarai kannan

    This is my first project in flash .I put single bgm music because of license problem that i added previously to this video.My simple story line with love.whole done by my own.I want feed back but no one see this video in youtube. As a fresher i need feedback for upgrade .Thankyou .

  9. Hey guys! You guys do a lot of awesome stuff, and we think that you guys will appreciate our wacky animated series “Jarthur the Alien”! We just finished our second season on YouTube. First episode is here below!

    We appreciate you checking us out. We would love to be featured and/or interviewed for your magazine. Thanks for the cool stuff!

  10. his is a musical video animated in Synfig Studio 0.64.3. The Artwork was done in GIMP 2.8.8 and
    Editing in Blender 2.73. All are free and open source software. Please tell me what you think about it.

  11. This is a musical video animated in Synfig Studio. The Artwork was done in GIMP and
    Editing in Blender. All are free and open source software. Please tell me what you think about it.

  12. charleschristopher

    hi,im interested in animation… i had drawing skills of my own quality especially cartoons…now im studying in engineering college as mechanical engineering 1st year… any opportunities having means please inform me…

  13. Hi,
    I’m Gregoire, french independent animation director and i’d like to wish you a pleasant 2016!
    Fasten your seatbelt :


  14. Hi, are you still open to promoting work? As I have an animated short and several pieces of artwork that I’d be willing to pay $20 for people to see

  15. Danny Diamondback, the movie has announced production!

  16. Hi would you be interested in doing an interview on a rising star in animation from the Island of Jamaica? Animation is one field extremely hard to break into in the Caribbean because it doesn’t really exist. Let’s chat.


  17. I love to write stories and i had written a good story of four friends, Kim Dinah, Olly Stein, Jill Stain and Pim Dew. Who founded a planet, Zarko, having life existance. This story is very funny and mysterious. So what if i want to send an email of my story to you.

    • It doesn’t work that way… Promote Yourself works by you writing what you want to be seen and sending a $20 fee to Paypal upon which I post the article you’ve written.

  18. Hi: I have 20+ years experience in motion graphics and can do almost anything. Have won numerous design awards including the Emmy. Works remote from Massachusetts. Please contact me directly through my email Orrin

  19. Hi, I’m looking for freelance 2D Animation and Art jobs. I’m based in Berlin, but I’m okay with temporarily relocating for an interesting offer.…/2D-Character-Animation-(Spine-Pro)
    Looking forward to your pm 🙂

  20. Hello guys. I’m new here, but I found great resources here about animation so I joined. Can I share my work? Here’s my demo reel:

    I’m thinking of making a feature film, and have been reading the forum. I found a great resource here about pitching your ideas to studios, although I am planning not to go that far yet, I’d like to learn more with you guys, and get to know people like me in this industry. So hello again 🙂 (imagine me, a pink cat, waving hello to you)

  21. HELLLOOOO!!!
    I am Alan, a.k.a Thatmexicanuzer.
    I am a freelancing animator and character designer, and I recently found out about this website while revisiting What a Cartoon Show’s short: Ignoramooses. I love your work during the 90’s and hopefully I get to produce my shorts and series for a major network.

    • Thanks for the kind comments on my short The Ignoramooses! Keep at it and you’ll definitely get to make your own shorts. It’s a LOT easier these days with computers.

  22. Hi all !!
    I’m Ken who is created Fighting & Scary animation, let’s check it out!

  23. Hi,
    My name is Shahaf, I’m an independent film maker & animator from Tel Aviv.
    I just now released a new short animated film, created as collaboration between Eric Aber, a leading poet & Spokenword Israeli artist, and me. The film received 1st prize in the official competition of Animix-Asif animation festival, TLV, Israel.
    The film deals with the personal and yet universal experience of breakup.

    I thought this might interest you.
    (you can add the ENG translation on the button below the video)
    Thanks for your time!
    Shahaf Ram

  24. Hello, My Name is Valerie Merritt I am a freelance background artist. I have been painting for over 30yrs, mostly still art and landscapes. I am interested in getting my art work seen.

  25. Hello! I am a corporate motion graphics animator that is dabbling in cartoon animation. I just finished animating Steve Ogden’s Magnificatz! I would love for you all to check it out!

  26. Corona ka Sandesh – animation!

    Hello friends, enjoy this short animation made on sweet poem spoken in Hindi and subtitled in multiple languages including; English, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. Hope you like it!

    Checkout my article on how I created this animation here:
    How I created my first animation within a week from scratch?

  27. Linkvision animation is a animation company offering any kind of animation service and its related service all over the world. In the last decay, Linkvision animation has completed more than hundred of animation related jobs with 100% customer satisfaction. You can visit our Portfolio page.

    Needless to say that the Linkvision animation is one of the largest animation companies in Bangladesh, a South Asian country. It’s already been able to pay attention to tons of giant clients of the animation industry over the last couple of years and becoming more familiar with the giant client across the world.

    Since it’s been fulfilling customer’s needs with respect, the demand of the Linkvision Animation is increasing day by day to the world famous company. Right now, there are more than hundred companies who are taking service from Linkvision Animation in order to make their Animation or related service.

  28. Hello All, I believe is a great fit for all Animators, Cartoonists, Storyboard Artists, VFX. Check it out, you’ll be HAPPY you did. will Get your content, concept and hard work NOTICED!

  29. Good afternoon, my name is Oleg.
    I’m from Russia

    There is a question about freelancing 3d character animation.

    Are there people who work only as 3D character animators, as highly qualified specialists? Or do you still need to be cg-generalist?

    Question about advertising and cinema.

    I want to start working as a freelancer, but I do not know if there is a demand for people who do very well, but only do 3D character animation.

    These are some examples:


  30. Hey everyone I make animations in a series called Lego toons which I plan to continue and I would really appreciate it if you saw my animations! Thank you!

  31. Hi, I would really appreciate it if you would see my channel that I have a animated series called “Lego toons”!

  32. Hi there I would appericate it if you would see my animated series called “Lego toons”

  33. Hi there, I like you to know that if you are interested in seeing my animated series the you can with the click of a link to see what I call “Lego toons” thank you very much for seeing my work! Keep in mind that this video was made more than a year of me making this post and doesn’t entirely reflect how my work is today. Regardless as of now it is my favorite animation on my channel as of now and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  34. Hi there,

    I’m a designer by trade and self-taught animator, who has been creating his animated sci-fi series “Phungus & Mowld” as a one-man operation for the last three years in my spare time (I do have a day job). I’ve just completed episode 3 and I even have trailers 😉

    Trailer 1 (serious) for Episode 3

    Trailer 2 (fun) for Episode 3

    About Phungus & Mowld:
    Hired gun and loudmouth Mowld repeatedly drags Phungus, an anxious little alien, from his cushy life as bartender into countless outlandish adventures.

    About the Creator:
    The series is produced in its entirety as a one-man operation, by Kilian Muster in his spare time. Accordingly production pace is slow. Check out the “Sneaky Peak” production blog to see how the next episode is coming along

  35. Hello everyone. I have animated my own music videos for a couple years and I would like to receive feedback from the animator community. This is my link:

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