Andrew Hickinbottom

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What is your name and your current occupation?

My name is Andrew Hickinbottom, and i am a freelance character modeler for illustration and animation.

What are some of the crazier jobs you had before getting into animation? 
Not sure on the ‘crazy’ side of things, but my first ever job was working in my dad’s factory as a general handyman doing various laborious jobs like sweeping, painting and grass cutting, before moving on to being a machine operator and packer there. I once worked in a videogames shop as well. Since i got my first job doing what i love, i cant see myself doing anything else – i’d whine too much!
What are some of your favorite projects you’re proud to have been a part of? 
I modeled all but 2 of the characters in an advert for the International Olympic Committee at Nexus productions in London. Really nicely stylised characters – I was really pleased how that job came out. Also, I was the lead character modeler on the 3D sections of a 2D / 3D cartoon series called ‘friends and heroes’ – i made over a hundred characters during the series production run of 2 years. The art director i worked with was an really inspirational guy who worked with Disney, and he taught me a lot about character design, appeal and composition. This job helped me find my style which i progressed it to what it is today. Im proud of all of my personal projects too, but that’s because they are labours of love – i can take as long as i want on them, without deadlines, client feedback or budgets complicating things. Im especially proud of the limited figure run i had made from one of my personal pieces (Trixie) and are now selling via my website.
How did you become interested in animation? 

As a kid i loved cartoons. Garfield, Tom and Jerry, Transformers, Looney Tunes, Disney. I doodled a lot and was pretty good at drawing for my age. I always wanted to become a cartoonist, but i figured that was Continue…

Ben McSweeney

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What is your name and your current occupation?
My name is Ben McSweeney, and I’m currently a Senior Artist (Cinematics Director) at Vigil Games (THQ).


What are some of the crazier jobs you had before getting into animation?
Used to set up Moon Bounces at parties, that was kinda wacky (part teamster, part carnie). Driving a Range Rover for a live zoo tour would probably be next weirdest.


What are some of your favorite projects you’re proud to have been a part of?
Red vs Blue Animated was a high point, I got to draw lots of fun gun-action and aliens, and it was nice to work on an established IP like the Halo series. And of course there’s Darksiders II, which is coming out this August.


How did you become interested in animation?
It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed watching, and when I Continue…

Daphne Hong

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What is your name and your current occupation?
Daphne Hong – I’m currently Animator and illustrator in Paris. I work for animation features, TV series, video games and edition.


What are some of the crazier jobs you had before getting into animation?
Nothing crazy, I always had jobs in the artistic industries.


What are some of your favorite projects you’re proud to have been a part of?
To be proud is not the right word, but I have for of all my projects a special feeling because I learned a lot each time and my dream to be a part of animation industry became more and more true. My most personnal work is a book I illustrated, which was released in March 2012. Being a author is also very rewarding.


How did you become interested in animation?
It started with children’s books, TV series and animation features. I drew very early in my childhood and did it everywhere on anything (for example, the walls of my parents apartment), I loved to draw princes and princesses, fairy tales impressed me very much. I also liked make Continue…

“The Old New World” by Alexey Zakharov

“The Old New World” is an amazingly detailed photo-based animation project that brings alive turn of the century photos by photographer and animator Alexey Zakharov of Moscow, Russia. Zakharov found old photos of US cities from the early 1900s and brought them to life.

There are clearly some issues with the added animation such as at 1:47 where the man isn’t even holding the box in his hands. not sure how that got though but nevertheless if you don’t scrutinize too hand it’s a pretty cool little project!
It’s a travel back in time with a little steampunk time machine.
The main part of this video was made with Camera projection based on photos.
Source photos by
Music: Al Bowlly – “Guilty”
Still frames and illustrations:


The photos show New York, Boston, Detroit, Washington, D.C., and Baltimore between 1900 and 1940, and were obtained from the website Shorpy.

It’s a “photo-based animation project” that offers a “travel back in time with a little steampunk time machine,” Zakharov says. “The main part of this video was made with camera projection based on photos.”

“The Present” by Jacob Frey

An exceptional award winning film with heart. Short and sweet and yet it packs a big punch! A must watch for any one who loves animals, people OR animation.

After a very successful festival circuit, running on over 180 film festivals and winning more than 50 awards, we’ve decided that it’s finally time to share “The Present” with the rest of the world.

“The Present” is a thesis short from the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany.
We really hope you enjoy the result of our hard work. Thanks to everyone who help creating this film and everyone who supported us during the festivals. Thanks a lot for making this such an incredible journey.
“The Present” is based on a great little comic strip by the very talented Fabio Coala.
Make sure to check out his page:

Soundtrack by “Zealand”

A more detailed list of all the festival awards:
01. Int. Festival of Animation Cinema and Comics Cartoon Club – Cartoon Kids Award
02. Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival – Grand Prize Best Animation
03. FESA – Best Film for Children
04. Animago Award – Nominated for Best Short Film
05. Int. Student Film Festival Pisek – Special Jury Award
06. Animalada – Best Short Animated Film 2014, Jury Award
07. Anim Arte – Maxi Second place: Audience Award
08. 15 Short Film Festival – Jury Award Best Animation
09. PISAF – Audiences Prize (International)
10. International Family Film Festival – Best Foreign Short Animation
11. Enfoque, Int. Film Festival of Puerto Rico – Best Animation and Audience Choice Award
12. Filmschau Baden Wuerttemberg – Best Animation
13. El Corto del Ano – Special Jury Mention
14. Watersprite 2015 – Best Original Film Music
15. California International Shorts Festival – Best Animated Short
16. Short Tiger, Next Generation – Short Tiger Award
17. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival – Audience Award Kids
18. Soul 4 Reel Festival – Best Animation
19. Canada International Film Festival – Best Animation
20. CMS Int. Children´s Film Festival – Special Mention
21. Monstronale – Int. Children Jury Award
22. Sehsuechte Int. Student Festival Konrad Wolf – Best Children Film
23. RiverRun International Film Festival – Best Student Animated Short
24. VAFI – MIDI Section First Prize
25. Newport Beach Film Festival – Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking
26. Timeline Film Festival – Filmmaker Award
27. Animayo Festival de Cine de Animacion – Director Award
28. Chile Monos Festival Internationcional de Animacion – Second Place Int. School Short Film Competition
29. Carmarthen Bay Film Festival – Best Animation
30. Int. Film Festival for Children & Youth – THE HERMÍNA TÝRLOVÁ AWARD FOR YOUNG ARTIST AGED UNDER 35
31. Rendezvous Festival – Best Animation
32. Accolade Global Film Competition – Award of Excellence Special Mention: Animation (Student)
33. Long Day Short Film – Grand Jury Prize
34. Animatio Curtas Vila do Conde IFF – Curtinhas Prize
35. Anima Mundi – Best short film for Children
36. Maramures International Film Festival 2015 – Audience Award
37. Real to Reel International Film festival – Best Student Animation
38. Giffoni Film Festival – Second Most Voted Film
39. Traverse City Film Festival – Audience Award for Best Kids Short
40. Ariano Film Festival – Best Animation
41. Int. Film Festival Nueva Mirada for Children and Youth – Golden Kite” Award
42. Joy House Film Festival – Media Super’s Best Film
43. ArTelesia Film Festival – School and University Award
44. Summer Slam Film Festival – Best Animation Short
45. Catalina Film Festival – Best Animation Film
46. Sapporo Shorts Fest – Best Student Children Film Silver
47. Sapporo Shorts Fest – Best Student Director Award
48. AKUT – 2. Audience Award
49. NYLA International Film Festival – Best Animation
50. Austin Film Festival – Animated Short Audience Award
51. Seoul Guro Int. Kids Film Festival – Best Animated Short Film
52. Filemon – Best Short Film
53. Virginia Film Festival – Audience Award for Narrative Short
54. Ojai Film Festival – Honorable Mention
55. Gold Coast International Film festival – Jury Award for Best Student Short Film
56. Short Film Awards – Best Animated Short
57. Roshd Int. Film Festival – Third Prize
58. Olympia International Film Festival – Children´s Jury Award for Best animated short
59. Los Angeles Independent Film Festival – Best Animation