Iron Giant might get Theatrical re-Release? is reporting that Brad Bird’s cult classic The Iron Giant might be coming back to the theaters for a re-release.

From the site:

Director and co-screenwriter Brad Bird (Tomorrowland) was asked if there was any truth to those rumors. “Listen, Warner Bros. and I have danced on and off for the last decade,” Bird told Collider. “There was going to be a 5-year-thing; there was talk about it being in 3D at one point. Then there was talk about reformatting it for IMAX or whatever. Discussions keep happening, but I think something will happen fairly soon. They know that people have a fondness for it. They don’t know exactly how to deal with that beyond maybe a Blu-ray or something like that. And I keep saying, “You know, you did it for Wizard of Oz and you did it for Blade Runner. I think you actually can do it.” And I think they’re kind of coming around to that idea. I’m trying to find the best way to support something like that.”

Listen to Brad Bird’s comments below

You can read the whole article here.

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  1. YES PLEASE. *drools in anticipation*

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