Live on this Saturday from 12-3pm PST


This Saturday I’ll be once again broadcasting LIVE on the Adobe Twitch stream at animating with Adobe Animate CC(formally Adobe Flash) where I’ll be animating nonsense like this gif… I may even fix it to be better! Join us and see! That’s 12-3 pm PST only on Twitch!

Adobe Twitch Stream LIVE Saturday from 12 to 3 PM PST.


SO just like last weekend (and every one following) I’ll be live on Adobe’s Twitch channel animating random stupidness tomorrow (Saturday) from 12-3pm PST using Adobe’s Animate software (The artist tool formerly known as Flash). Tune in if you’ve got the time and see if I put my foot in my mouth! (Pretty sure I will)

Animating with Mike Milo Saturdays from 12-3 PST on

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Starting this Saturday from 12-3 pm PST and every Saturday after that, I will be streaming live on the Adobe Twitch channel and animating nonsense using Adobe Animate. This week we’ll continue animating a scene with a robot ninja I roughed out last week called Tinja… Yahhh! Join me if you can! That’s 12-3 PST this Saturday only on:

Leo Antolini

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What is your name and your current occupation?
My name is Leo Antolini, and I´m currently an illustrator and character designer.

What are some of the crazier jobs you had before getting into animation?
I´ve been very lucky that I went straight to working in animation after I graduated (although it took a while) I actually got one of my first illustration gigs while applying for a telemarketer job: the company found out I was an artist and they asked me to do some character design proposals for their new website.


What are some of your favorite projects you’re proud to have been a part of?
I´ve done a lot of projects for Leapfrog, and since I love what they do (educational children´s books and toys), I´ve been proud of pretty much everything I´ve done for them, but I´d single out Sing Along Read-Along (a really fun, cool project) and the “If I Were…” book, which was the first time I got to do an entire book by myself. As far as animation goes, I was super proud of all the work I did (character designs, storyboarding and directing!) on the “Brock O´Lee” shorts for PepperMelon studios: it was a big learning experience to wear all those hats, and the final product turned out awesome, I thought.


How did you become interested in animation?
I´ve been obsessed with cartoons since I can remember. I watched everything (and I mean everything) I could all throughout my childhood, from toy-centric 80´s tv shows and Disney movies to weird, artsy European animation. I loved to draw and create my own characters. When I got to the age where people usually stop caring about cartoons and move on to other interests, I pretty much just kept going. I was really into Continue reading

Rio 2016 – Panasonic Showcase

Panasonic Japan has invited us to create a one minute video with Vinicius for their showcase at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. The video will be displayed in 4k and 60p on a huge screen, and we really worked on the amazing sports moves, details and scale of the settings to make the spectacle even bigger. Like everything else involving the Mascots, this film is the chance of a lifetime and we can’t thank Panasonic enough for the support and creative freedom.

Script and Direction: Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet
Olympic Mascot “Vinicius” created by Birdo
Storyboard Artist and Lead Animator: Paulo Muppet
Animators: Alexandre Kazuhiro Tsukamoto, Alison Camargo, Allan Sanchez, Anderson Lister, Beto Gomez, Bia Leme, Daniel Caetano, Gabriel Franklin, Gabriel Gomes, Guilherme Gurian, José Vaamonde, Lucas Pelegrineti, Marcio Perrella, Maykeon Salvatierra, Paola Hiroki, Pedro Mendes, Rafa Gallardo, Rodrigo Makoto, Tiago Kogi, Will Fernandes, Yuri Custodio
Additional character design: Paulo Muppet
Composition: Luciana Eguti, Antonio Linhares, Luciana Fintelmam
Art Director: Thiago Soares
Background Painting: Bruno Luna, William Chamorro, Jovan de Melo, Thiago Soares
Executive Producer: Luciana Eguti
Production Coordinator: Raquel Fukuda
Line Producer: Christiano Parentoni

Music and Sound Effects: Ultrassom Music Ideas
Direção e Produção Musical: Ruben Feffer
Produção Musical e Trilhas Adicionais: Wem Mason
Assistente de Produção Musical: Rodrigo Custódio
Teclado e Programação: Ruben Feffer
Guitarra, Contrabaixo, Cavaquinho, Violão de Nylon e 12 Cordas: Wem Mason
Sound Design e Foley: Fernando Recchia e Juliana Lopes
Gravação e Mixagem: Bernardo Ets Goes e Carlos Paes
Direção Executiva: Flavia Prats Feffer
Produção Executiva: Erika Marques
Produção: Marô Blanques
Pós Produção de Áudio – Ultrassom Music Ideas

Direção de voz: Melissa Garcia
Hugo Picchi: Vinicius

Mike Milo live on Twitch.TV/Adobe on 8/12 this Friday morning from 9-12 PST


Might as well use this site for my own promoting as well huh?

Soooo, this coming Friday morning 8/12, I (Mike Milo) will be broadcasting live from 9-12 PST on Adobe’s Twitch channel and animating using Adobe’s Animate software. Not quite sure exactly what I’ll animate but it’ll be fun so please tune in and watch me talk about the animation business and make funny pictures move right there in front of your face! You can even ask questions via the embedded chat.