A Plethora of Batman the Animated Series background art on Imgur

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You can see the whole post here of a ton of background art from the critically acclaimed show “Batman the Animated Series”

I was fortunate to work at WB during this time on Animaniacs and had many friends working on BTAS. It was truly a huge amount of incredible talent collected together. One of the coolest concepts they used to give the art that brooding night time feel, was to paint on black poster board instead of white poster board so that everything had this dark feel right from the get go. Truly amazing artwork in this show… hurry and check it out now before someone makes them take it down.



Never-Before-Seen Robin Williams ‘Aladdin’ Outtakes Revealed in New Blu-ray Edition

“He was the genie. He was bigger than life.”

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that there will be some never before seen outtakes in the new Blueray edition of Aladdin.

In 1992, Disney’s animated classic Aladdin became a hit with adults and children alike, with much credit due to the performance of Robin Williams as the unforgettable genie.

Now, almost 25 years later, Disney is releasing the Aladdin Diamond Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack with never-before seen outtakes of Williams in the recording studio — all of his unstoppable talent on full display. To celebrate the launch of the new edition, the directors, composer and voices behind the film appeared on Good Morning America to pay tribute to the late actor and all that he contributed to the film.

“It was amazing working with Robin, absolutely incredible,” said composer Alan Menken.

“We wrote the part with Robin in mind,” added co-director John Musker mused. “We didn’t know if he would do it. We were totally walking down the plank; if he didn’t want to do it, we were in big trouble because the whole concept was built around Robin — fortunately, he agreed to do it.”

“Nobody else could be the genie,” co-director Ron Clemens mused. “We recorded him in four-hour sessions and he would be going for four-hours straight. By the end, he was just drenched in sweat. He had so much energy and so much passion.”

“He was the genie,” added Musker. “He was bigger than life,”

Watch the full clip below.

Life at the Jay Ward studio, as seen by Bill Scott, part 1

Bill Scott gag cartoons 054

Darrell Van Citters; Renegade Animation studio owner, author, Animation Historian (and also my boss!) has the first of a multi part series up on his blog about life at the Jay Ward studios. Also, if you haven’t already picked up Darrell’s most recent book, The Art of Jay Ward it’s a fascinating look inside the studio that brought us Bullwinkle and Mr. Peabody. Check it out!

The 120 Most Helpful Websites For Writers in 2015


While animation is a visual medium it still can’t be done without a story to guide us through the visual shenanigans and since more and more shows are using the outline method instead of the traditional script, storyboard artists are increasingly being called upon to write. Well, Amanda Lin over at Global English Editing.com has created quite a comprehensive list for writers naming over 100 sites to visit that will help you in your craft! Check out the article via the link below!