For Sale: Old Warner Bros Animation Discs

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An old friend of mine is selling some traditional Animation discs:

I  have 10 of the 16 fld animation disc I am looking to sell. They are the same ones being used at Warner Brothers  they are really nice discs came from the Bluth Studios.

All discs are without the Glass and are $150.00 each with two peg bars.

There are a few that are missing one set of pegs these I can sale for $100.00 each

For inquires contact Robert Sledge:

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  1. Are u still selling the Disk with 2 peg bars? interested in buying one.Thank you very much.

  2. I am in search of a Animation Disc to complete my vintage Animators Desk. If you have a disc available for sale, preferably 16f or larger please contact me.

  3. Hi! my name is Caleb Rivera Im Interested if any Left…

  4. Do you still have the metal animation discs for sale?

  5. Please I would also like to buy one

  6. Am interested in animation disc armature cartoonist can you help limited cash flow

  7. I would like one as well.

  8. Are the discs still for sale?

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