10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nicktoons, 25 Years Later



To ring in the 25th anniversary of Nicktoons “Rugrats,” “Ren & Stimpy” and “Doug, Variety has an article up about several behind-the-scenes tidbits that have gone mostly unknown.

For instance:

The Co-Creator of “Rugrats” Didn’t Like Angelica
Arlene Klasky, co-creator of Klasky-Csupo and “Rugrats,” confessed that she never really liked Angelica, finding her and her signature catchphrase, “You dumb babies!,” “too mean.” She admitted to the New Yorker that the original “Rugrats” creative team struggled to keep the show edgy while also appropriate for children, and that the Angelica conflict was the reason for the team’s breakup.

You can read the entire article here.

Ren and Stimpy storyboards!


Animation Resources.org has a fantastic Ren and Stimpy board up and if you’ve never visited Animation Resources and you’re into animation, you’re in for a huge treat because it’s one of the unsung jewels of the internet. Check it out!


A Plethora of Batman the Animated Series background art on Imgur

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You can see the whole post here of a ton of background art from the critically acclaimed show “Batman the Animated Series”

I was fortunate to work at WB during this time on Animaniacs and had many friends working on BTAS. It was truly a huge amount of incredible talent collected together. One of the coolest concepts they used to give the art that brooding night time feel, was to paint on black poster board instead of white poster board so that everything had this dark feel right from the get go. Truly amazing artwork in this show… hurry and check it out now before someone makes them take it down.