Rio 2016 – Panasonic Showcase

Panasonic Japan has invited us to create a one minute video with Vinicius for their showcase at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. The video will be displayed in 4k and 60p on a huge screen, and we really worked on the amazing sports moves, details and scale of the settings to make the spectacle even bigger. Like everything else involving the Mascots, this film is the chance of a lifetime and we can’t thank Panasonic enough for the support and creative freedom.

Script and Direction: Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet
Olympic Mascot “Vinicius” created by Birdo
Storyboard Artist and Lead Animator: Paulo Muppet
Animators: Alexandre Kazuhiro Tsukamoto, Alison Camargo, Allan Sanchez, Anderson Lister, Beto Gomez, Bia Leme, Daniel Caetano, Gabriel Franklin, Gabriel Gomes, Guilherme Gurian, José Vaamonde, Lucas Pelegrineti, Marcio Perrella, Maykeon Salvatierra, Paola Hiroki, Pedro Mendes, Rafa Gallardo, Rodrigo Makoto, Tiago Kogi, Will Fernandes, Yuri Custodio
Additional character design: Paulo Muppet
Composition: Luciana Eguti, Antonio Linhares, Luciana Fintelmam
Art Director: Thiago Soares
Background Painting: Bruno Luna, William Chamorro, Jovan de Melo, Thiago Soares
Executive Producer: Luciana Eguti
Production Coordinator: Raquel Fukuda
Line Producer: Christiano Parentoni

Music and Sound Effects: Ultrassom Music Ideas
Direção e Produção Musical: Ruben Feffer
Produção Musical e Trilhas Adicionais: Wem Mason
Assistente de Produção Musical: Rodrigo Custódio
Teclado e Programação: Ruben Feffer
Guitarra, Contrabaixo, Cavaquinho, Violão de Nylon e 12 Cordas: Wem Mason
Sound Design e Foley: Fernando Recchia e Juliana Lopes
Gravação e Mixagem: Bernardo Ets Goes e Carlos Paes
Direção Executiva: Flavia Prats Feffer
Produção Executiva: Erika Marques
Produção: Marô Blanques
Pós Produção de Áudio – Ultrassom Music Ideas

Direção de voz: Melissa Garcia
Hugo Picchi: Vinicius

New Google Doodle commemorating the start of the 2016 Doodle Fruit Games


Google just posted a cute new doodle commemorating the start of the 2016 Doodle Fruit Games! To join in on the fun, find out more at

Video Credits:
Design & Animation – Nate Swinehart
Layout Support – David Davis

Sound Credits:
Music & Sound Design – aivi & surasshu
Trumpet – Lachlan Day
Piccolo – Kristin Naigus
Guitar – Stemage

“Scarlett” by The Studio NYC

Scarlett is a short film depicting the inner struggle of a girl who lost a leg to Ewing Sarcoma, a bone cancer that occurs in mostly children. Amputation takes as much of an emotional toll as a physical one – especially for a child. We believe in the power of entertainment media to empower children through storytelling and role models. Visibility in media offers these children hope and a sense of belonging at a critical time where they may feel isolated by their medical condition.

A short film based on a true story that inspired a foundation.

KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS – ‘I Don’t Got This’ Clip – In Theaters August 19

Take a sneak peek at the magical adventure by watching a recently released clip that showcases the bravery of Beetle, voiced by Matthew McConaughey.

Kubo’s quest begins nationwide August 19, 2016 from animation studio LAIKA and Focus Features

For additional materials, please download here:

Worlds Art I Teaser Art I Character Posters I Photography


Kubo and the Two Strings is an epic action-adventure set in a fantastical Japan from acclaimed animation studio LAIKA. Clever, kindhearted Kubo (voiced by Art Parkinson of “Game of Thrones”) ekes out a humble living, telling stories to the people of his seaside town including Hosato (George Takei), Hashi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), and Kameyo (Academy Award nominee Brenda Vaccaro). But his relatively quiet existence is shattered when he accidentally summons a spirit from his past which storms down from the heavens to enforce an age-old vendetta. Now on the run, Kubo joins forces with Monkey (Academy Award winner Charlize Theron) and Beetle (Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey), and sets out on a thrilling quest to save his family and solve the mystery of his fallen father, the greatest samurai warrior the world has ever known. With the help of his shamisen – a magical musical instrument – Kubo must battle gods and monsters, including the vengeful Moon King (Academy Award nominee Ralph Fiennes) and the evil twin Sisters (Academy Award nominee Rooney Mara), to unlock the secret of his legacy, reunite his family, and fulfill his heroic destiny.

Director: Travis Knight

Writers: Marc Haimes and Chris Butler (“ParaNorman”)

Voice Cast: Charlize Theron, Art Parkinson, Ralph Fiennes, George Takei, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Brenda Vaccaro, Rooney Mara, and Matthew McConaughey

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