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Zootopia- Deleted Scene- The Taming Party

CBS8 is reporting about a cut scene from Disney’s Zootopia.
From the site:

Released in March, Disney’s Zootopia proved to be one of the most touching and most timely animated films in years, pulling at the heartstrings and tackling the intense topic of systemic racism, all while still managing to stay hilarious and adorable.

While the final cut of the movie had its fair share of heartbreaking moments (How could Nick’s childhood scout mates be so cruel?!), this newly-released deleted scene proves that Zooptopia could have been super depressing.

Seriously, before you watch this, it’s full-blown bawl-your-eyes-out time. You’ve been warned.

Much of the evolution of Pixar Animation comes in the details. Textures have evolved in amazing ways since Pixar’s first short debuted, and the quality can be seen especially when you compare the first Toy Story to Toy Story 3. The intricacies of any given surface are truly amazing.

The same can be said with just how expressive the faces of Pixar’s characters have become. There’s so much more fluidity and room for subtlety. The eyes especially have evolved to display much more emotion so we don’t get that dead-eyed effect that we saw so often in the motion-capture animated work of Robert Zemeckis.

Seeing all of Pixar’s work in chronological order like this shows how far Pixar has come in a short amount of time, and it’s amazing to see how far they’ve gone in another 30 years.