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Company: Reel FX
Location: Santa Monica, CA
Date Posted: August 3, 2015
Source: Reel FX
This is a Dallas based position.

Creates character, set and prop models that support art and story concepts. May focus on developing technical drawings for model production. Utilizes modeling software to prepare and build character models. Writes, maintains and runs scripts and model databases. Able to develop character models for multiple types of productions from simple to moderately difficult. Accountable for meeting productivity and quota targets.
• High to Master level of competency with poly modeling and Zbrush
• Mastery of the Blendshape system, requiring 1 note pass or less for a production ready set
• Able to build maquettes in pose using Zbrush or other software for hero characters
• Able to polypaint or use basic textures and UVs on maquettes
• Moderate level of competency lighting and rendering maquettes for show
• Able to foresee problems with designs, identify 2d cheats, and tailor models to the design intent rather than matching it verbatim to the page
• Available as a mentor for apprentices
• Able to consistently hit deadlines under the time allotted
• Able to generate high quality assets with no direct supervision
• Available as a point person to interact with other departments on modeling’s behalf
• Able to train other modelers in various disciplines
• Able to step in as a temporary lead if necessary
• Must have a good understanding of the overall studio pipeline
• Able to make accurate bids on assets to your supervisor
• Able to document processes in Pages
• Minimum 2 years production experience
• Degree/diploma in fine arts or recognized animation program, and/or equivalent work experience.
• Knowledge of one or more high-end 3D software packages such as SoftImage 3D, XSI, Maya.
• Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.
• Good knowledge of polygonal and patch geometry modeling.

This job description is not meant to be all inclusive. Employee may be required to perform other duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

Jobs: Jr.level feature animator for ReelFX in Dallas, TX.


From their site:

This would be for a junior level feature animation position on the film “Rock Dog” with an August 2014 start date.

The Animator is responsible for bringing characters to life by creating performance and motion based on storyboards, animatics and other visual reference. This is a great opportunity for a recent graduate to get into the studio system and shine. We are looking for proactive, ambitious, self-starters to hit the production floor hard and really show us what they are capable of doing.

· Create lip-sync, facial, and body character animation as well as prop animation

· Partner with the Director, Animation Supervisor and other staff in order to understand and execute creative direction

· Maintain high quality and productivity throughout projects

· Communicate work status to the Animation Supervisor and Production Management staff

· Attend dailies, accurately address critique and comments from supervisors, and complete revisions in a timely manner

· Consistently meet production deadlines

Education and Experience:

· Requires some experience in Feature Film and/or Commercial production with an emphasis on animation

· Strong demonstration of animation principles, timing, and acting choices

· Ability to create broad and subtle styles of animation

· Proficient with Maya

· Ability to work in a team environment and take direction

· Ability to provide feedback to other artists

· Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills

· A creative problem solver who is organized and critical of his or her own work.

· A history of consistent high-end aesthetic and technical execution

Note: This job description is not meant to be all inclusive. Employee may be required to perform other duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization
You can apply at their site here.

Keith Baxter

What is your name and your current occupation?
Keith Baxter. Story Artist for Reel Fx

What are some of the crazier jobs you had before getting into animation?
Janitor at a department store and lead guitarist for an 80’s power pop band.

What are some of your favorite projects you’re proud to have been a part of?
Songs for Flushed Away. Theme song for The Mask TV series. Story for Greedy Grizzly section of Scrambled Ink, Sidekick Shorts project for Dreamworks which was never completed, especially the Over The Hedge Love Story mashup.

How did you become interested in animation?
Looney Tunes and Disney movies from when I was a kid and the Continue reading