Save 40% on the Adobe Creative Cloud until June 3rd


Seeing as how Adobe dominates the animation industry, and you can no longer purchase Adobe software outright, I figure this might be of use to some of you out there. Right now until June 3rd you can get 40% off a subscription to the Adobe Cloud. Click here for more info.

You’re welcome! 😉


From the site:

RubberHose is the fastest way to rig and animate a character in After Effects. It’s an open system built specifically for handling the frustrating parts of animation while letting you stay in control of your character’s performance and the life you bring to it. You will save time and you will actually enjoy the process. Guaranteed.

Adobe’s New App Turns 2-D Selfies Into 3-D Magic has an article up about a fascinating new tech from Adobe that turns 2d pictures into 3d. It’s cool, but clearly has it’s limits. I can’t imagine the practicality of it above and beyond, “Hey check out how cool this is.

From the site:

To be presented tonight at Adobe MAX Sneaks, the Photoshop maker’s annual peek inside their development labs, 3-D Portraits smartly recognizes faces, eyes, mouths, and hair, and then efficiently turns them into a usable 3-D model. This is actually already possible in Photoshop, but it requires a number of tedious manual steps, and the results can range in quality. Thanks to research by Menglei Chai, a PhD student from Zhejiang University, and a team of Adobe Research scientists, though, they’ve now figured out how to largely automate the process.

You can read the whole article here.

Adobe Character Animator Tutorial

Interesting but you’d think they would have taken the time to draw a decent character to demo the thing and not scribbles. I kind view this as evil because it’s gonna make jackasses believe you don’t need animators any longer to make films. Which this tutorial CLEARLY demonstrates is not true.

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