WB’s Histeria! finally coming to DVD!


Very happy to report that Warner Bros. Histeria! is finally coming to DVD after almost 20 years on the shelves. I was lucky to have directed many episodes of this forgotten gem created by Tom Ruegger, and I can’t wait to revisit the past and see old friends once again!

The Warner Archive Collection today announced that Histeria! – The Complete Series is coming to DVD on July 12th. This MOD (manufacture on demand) set will cost $59.99 SRP, and you can pre-order it from Warner’s online store, WBshop.com, using the button link below. Under that is the front package art. Amazon.com isn’t listing this title yet, but we’re sure they will be soon. We’ll have links to that, too, as soon as we can. TVShowsonDVD.com has more on the release.

Artist makes beautiful 3D printed zoetrope

A truly incredible and mesmerizing use of 3D printing!

3DPrintingindustry.com is reporting about a zoetrope which was created by modeling people’s walking movements, turning them into a 3D axis and then 3D printing the resulting model. Usually a strobe light is needed to give the illusion of movement, but Akinori uses a thin slice of light to bring the figure to life. Zoetropes are thought to have been used for over 5000 years, but the basic drum like form of the zoetrope was created in 1833. They are often used for pre-animation in films. 3D model versions have been used for Studio Ghibli projects as well as Toy Story. By looking through the slits in the drum, you can see the animation. The faster the drum spins, the smoother the image.

Cartoon Network Studios to Connect Rising Talent with Mentors in Animation Jam


Broadwayworld.com is reporting that Cartoon Network has invited college undergraduates from across the country to create an original 15-second animation short based on the immersive world of O.K. KO! Let’s Be Heroes at the studio’s first-ever animation jam, July 9-11, in Burbank, California. Designed to give young rising stars experience working as a full-time artist, Cartoon Network Studios will provide the necessary production tools alongside a talented crew of animation mentors including creator Ian Jones-Quartey, to help guide the students in developing their shorts. This 3-day animation jam continues the tradition of Cartoon Network’s widely-recognized, artists-first approach in developing and discovering fresh and innovative content across all platforms.

You can read the entire article here

Animated Spider-Man Movie Has Secured a Director


Collider is reporting that Sony picks first-time director Bob Persichetti to helm the untitled animated Spidey movie which is due for 2018 release. Wait, what? I wasn’t even aware this existed! I imagine it’s 3d but still pretty cool if it’s a decent story.

Details on this new Spider-Man film are under wraps, but recently rumors have swirled that it may be the first movie to focus on someone other than Peter Parker in the title role—namely Miles Morales, the first non-white Spider-Man. This would not only allow this film to further distance itself from the Marvel/Sony live-action reboot, but offer a unique story opportunity in presenting a Spider-Man whose origin audiences haven’t already had ingrained into their heads. It’s a win-win!

How Pixar creative genius John Lasseter became the next Walt Disney and built a $10 billion empire


Business Insider has an article up about how Pixar creative genius John Lasseter became the next Walt Disney and built a $10 billion empire.

No studio can match the creativity, heart, and cleverness found in all Pixar films, and it seems those principles can be traced back to Lasseter

“You want the movies to touch people,” Lasseter said in an interview for Pixar’s 30th anniversary this year. “Make ’em funny, make ’em beautiful, make ’em scary, but in the end you want that heart of the movie to be so strong.”

Lasseter’s and Pixar’s success are linked. He cofounded the animation studio that has now made nearly $10 billion worldwide. He championed computer animation at a time when the technology was still quite infantile. He created and directed “Toy Story,” which started it all (more than 250 computer-animated films have been made since). He kept asking questions that resulted in better animation all around and better Pixar films.

Annecy: DreamWorks Animation Screens First Footage of ‘Boss Baby’


Variety has an article about Tom McGrath’s upcoming animated comedy, Boss Baby which stars Alec Baldwin and is set for release next March.

A riled up audience at the Annecy International Animation Festival in the French Alps was the first in the world to see footage of Boss Baby, the upcoming DreamWorks Animation comedy from Madagascar and Megamind director Tom McGrath, who spoke for more than an hour about his latest creation.

With Alec Baldwin voicing the titular bigwig in diapers, and Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow playing the parents, Boss Baby is told through the eyes of a 7-year-old boy whose life is turned upside-down by the arrival of a new brother. The catch is that the little cutie can talk and do plenty of other things, like carry a briefcase and order everyone else around. Eventually, the two bros team up to take on the evil Puppy Co., which is filling the world with baby dogs and taking the spotlight away from humans.

Slated for domestic release by 20th Century Fox in March 2017, Boss Baby looks to be another case of DreamWorks and McGrath joining forces for what could be a clever and meaningful cartoon with broad appeal.