Layout Artist- Blizzard Entertainment

Layout Artist

Employer: Blizzard Entertainment
Location: Irvine,CA
Date Posted/Updated: 12/16/16
Job ID: 129507

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Job Description:

Blizzard Entertainment is currently seeking an experienced 3D generalist to join our cinematics layout department as a layout artist (temp). The layout department is the -hub- of cinematics, facilitating the flow of assets from modeling, surfacing and rigging, as well as assembling and helping to compose shots from previz, working through animation, simulation and FX, all the way to lighting and compositing. The temp layout artist will work with previz, modeling, and rigging to translate rough scenes into production-ready shots, support animation and camera with environments, continuity, and troubleshooting, and coordinate with modeling, animation and FX with shot by shot set dressing and crowd population. Broad technical and artistic understanding of 3D pipelines, shot composition, and film language are all important.

– Using Maya, assisted by internal tools and python scripts, translate previz scenes into scenes ready for animation.
– Support animation at various stages, managing layouts, caching and assembling characters with look variants, and rendering for review.
– Add or adjust shot set dressing, crowd cycles, static character poses, and continuity changes.
– Fill in any additional gaps, and catch and solve technical and artistic problems revealed through assembly that are not handled by other departments or through typical pipeline procedures.
– Organize and manage assets, and work closely with programmers to develop, improve, or fix tools that not only serve the layout department, but the cinematics department as a whole.
– Work with artists, programmers, leads, supervisors, directors, and production staff on multiple projects simultaneously, balancing the needs of each and ensuring communication between them.

– A minimum of 3 years’ experience in production or feature film in a 3D generalist role, such as layout or previz.
– Depth of knowledge in 3D pipelines, both technically and artistically.
– Strong understanding of the principles of storytelling, film, and composition.
– Basic skills in modeling, rigging, animation and cameras.
– Some experience with lighting, rendering and compositing.
– Data administration skills and interests (e.g. asset management, scene building, tools, etc.)
– Familiar with scripting, especially within a 3D environment.
– Strong, proactive communicator and problem-solver able to learn and work independently and creatively with diverse personalities under resource and time-limited conditions.

– Extensive experience with Maya
– Proficiency in python scripting
– Knowledge of RenderMan and/or Redshift renderers
– Some experience with 3dsmax and Nuke
– Expert organization and communications skills, both written and oral
– A thirst for learning and a knack for efficiency
– A passion for Blizzard games, stories, characters and worlds

Warcraft trailer

Engadget is reporting a movie based on the successful World of Warcraft game series is coming to theatres next June which looks quite promising actually. It’s like Game of Thrones meet Lord of the Rings but with Hulk orcs!  Blizzard is busy!

Whether you’re a veteran World of Warcraft player, a Hearthstone newbie or someone who loves a great fantasy story, the trailer for Legendary Pictures’ Warcraft is captivating. Warcraftis due in theaters on June 10th. It’s Activision Blizzard’s first foray into movie-making — but it’s definitely not the last. The company today announced its own, in-house film and TV business,Activision Blizzard Studios. It’s already working on a Skylanders cartoon series and films based on the Call of Duty franchise. Warcraft doesn’t fall under this new studio’s umbrella.

“Skylanders Academy” to be Activision Blizzard Studios first TV series


Mashable is reporting that “Skylanders Academy” is to be Activision Blizzard Studios first TV series.

Skylanders Academy is one of the first projects for Activision Blizzard Studios, the video game mega-publisher’s newly launched film/TV arms. There’s no premiere date to share just yet, nor are there details on the story or delivery mechanisms. We don’t know if this is going to be a standard network series, a Netflix/Hulu/Amazon play or something else entirely. But it’s being driven by an impressive set of talents.

The fictional location called “Skylanders Academy” debuted in the series’ 2014 game release, Skylanders: Trap Team. It served as a hub location where players could retire between levels, and in the series’ fiction it’s where Sidekicks go to train before they can become full-fledged Skylanders, protectors of the Skylands.

The showrunner seat is filled by Eric Rogers, who wrote for Futurama during both eras of its existence. Surrounding him is a cast that includes Justin Long (How to Train Your Dragon) as Spyro, Ashley Tisdale (Phineas and Ferb) as Stealth Elf, Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad) as Eruptor and Norm Macdonald (Saturday Night Live) as Glumshanks, plus Harland Williams and Richard Horvitz in unspecified roles.

You can probably expect your first look at Skylanders Academy in early 2016, with Activision Blizzard targeting a mid-year premiere.