Warcraft trailer

Engadget is reporting a movie based on the successful World of Warcraft game series is coming to theatres next June which looks quite promising actually. It’s like Game of Thrones meet Lord of the Rings but with Hulk orcs!  Blizzard is busy!

Whether you’re a veteran World of Warcraft player, a Hearthstone newbie or someone who loves a great fantasy story, the trailer for Legendary Pictures’ Warcraft is captivating. Warcraftis due in theaters on June 10th. It’s Activision Blizzard’s first foray into movie-making — but it’s definitely not the last. The company today announced its own, in-house film and TV business,Activision Blizzard Studios. It’s already working on a Skylanders cartoon series and films based on the Call of Duty franchise. Warcraft doesn’t fall under this new studio’s umbrella.