Toon Boom Announces Harmony 14 at MIFA


Today, Toon Boom Animation announced the upcoming release of Harmony 14 at MIFA. Available in three editions – Essentials, Advanced and Premium – Harmony is the most powerful solution for artists creating feature films, episodic series, games, webisodes, and explainer videos.

Harmony 14 is the best release to date. We’ve made user-requested enhancements and heightened 3D integration, enabling the creation of projects that, in the past, were too complex or costly to produce. This version includes powerful tools for drawing, painting and animating which allow artists to create work in any artistic style they choose. We are also expanding our global reach and meeting our users’ needs by now offering all three editions of Harmony in Spanish,” said Francisco Del Cueto, Toon Boom Animation CTO.

The Toon Boom team at MIFA will be showing product demonstrations of Harmony 14 June 15 – 17, 2016.

Toonboom releases Harmony 12

Harmony 12Today in addition to the new tiered buying model for Harmony, Toonboom released Harmony 12 which looks to have some pretty cool features, such as more bitmap brush options,  faster rendering times and a new Light Shading feature allowing you to auto add shadows from various perspectives. Below is a video walk through highlighting the newest features.

You can find out more about Toonboom Harmony at Toonboom’s website.

Toonboom updates Harmony and Storyboard Pro to include subscription pricing


Big news today in the world of animation as Toonboom has just released a new subscription model for both their Harmony suite AND their very popular Storyboard Pro software to reflect the new Cloud business model like Adobe and Autodesk have done in the last two years.

Now you can pay annually, monthly, or buy a perpetual license which is more or less buying it outright without a subscription.

For Harmony, $15 a month will get you the Essentials version which seems to be fairly robust except for the one Art layer limit and no 3d capabilities. The Advanced version gets you a number of other features including four Art layers as well as the ability to see 3d models placed in a scene by a Premium version but not access or edit them. Premium of course has all the bells and whistles that full blown Harmony has.
To see a list of different features of the various versions of Harmony available head over the the Toonboom site for more info.

Word is Toonboom will be phasing out Toonboom Studio and Toonboom Animate in October of this year.

Storyboard Pro subscription
As for Storyboard Pro, you now have the option to do a subscription which will cost you $38 per month. This in and of itself is a huge boon for storyboard artists seeking to use the software since the standalone version will set you back $950 and most freelancers can’t afford that cost easily.


To see more about Toonboom’s new Storyboard Pro pricing head over to their site.

Now if we could just get Wacom to do a Cloud model! 😉




FREE Storyboarding and Storyboard Pro classes

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 4 What's New and Release Notes

Want to learn Storyboard Pro and storyboarding in general for free?

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Chance Raspberry

What is your name and your current occupation?
My name is Chance Raspberry. I’m a character layout artist on The Simpsons, and am currently producing my own animated projects.


What are some of the crazier jobs you had before getting into animation?
In high school, I was hired by two soccer coaches to design their brochure.  They paid me $300, so I worked on it during 3rd period art class.  My first full-time job was as a customer service phone rep at Washington Mutual Bank (now Chase.)


What are some of your favorite projects you’re proud to have been a part of? 
The industry gigs I’ve worked on have been a great honor, and I’m proud to say I was a part of them all.  These include The Simpsons TV series (Seasons 18-22), The Simpsons Movie, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends (Christmas Special – “A Lost Claus”), Rob Zombie’s: The Haunted World of El Super Beasto, and the second Family Guy trading card series.
How did you become interested in animation? 
It all started around age 3 or 4 when my parents began renting video tapes of all the old cartoons they used to watch.  This is how I was introduced to Fleischer, Disney, Looney Tunes, Tex Avery, Don Bluth, etc.  From there, I started Continue reading