Samsung’s Family Hub: Inside the Fridge

Adweek is reporting on a new spot from Samsung animated by Moonbot in Shreveport.

Painfully cute real-life celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard add another painfully cute Samsung spot to their résumés today, as the electronics retailer has recruited the pair to introduce its souped-up Family Hub refrigerator (and its built-in cameras) to the public with a raft of new advertising.

The campaign begins with the digital short below, by R/GA, which shows the actors unloading groceries into the fancy new fridge, which Samsung unveiled at CES this year. They leave and walk away, but we get a glimpse inside—first through the screen on the outside of the fridge, which shows its contents, and then inside, which is a blissed-out paradise where all the food seems to have paired off in ecstatic love.

Well, almost all the food. A sad bottle of chocolate syrup seems bereft. Will he find the perfect partner to pour some sugar on? Watch the spot below:

Coca Cola: “Man and Dog” commercial

Check out this beautifully 2D animated spot for Coca Cola done by Psyop Studios!

The Duncan Studio was commissioned to do the 2D animation/efx and ink/paint who collaborated with Psyop, from rough sketches and blocking down to inked and painted final cels. In addition to the characters being hand-drawn, colors, shadows, and highlights were also added in the final hand-drawn animation phase. While animators at Duncan Studio focused on character animation, Psyop added additional effects, color trails, smoke, dust, and more, all in 2D.

Mark my words, very soon some studio exec is gonna suddenly have a genius idea of bringing back 2d features. Wait for it… it’s coming any day now!

You can learn more about the Man and Dog Coca Cola spot here.


News: Guacamole is the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar

Fresh GuacamoleThe BBC is reporting that a Commercial Director who goes by the name of “Pez” has made Oscar history for having the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar. At 1 minute and 40 seconds the film “Fresh Guacamole” is about aptly enough, making a bowl of guacamole. Done with stop motion and object replacement, Pez films himself opening up grenades and scooping out guacamole from them as well as slicing baseballs and having them turn into dice. A strange little film and I’m not sure why it’s been nominated above being clever. I thought all Oscar worthy films had to be about crack babys, homeless people or the plight of the common man. This is just… cooking. You learn something every day.

You can read more on the site here.