Samsung’s Family Hub: Inside the Fridge

Adweek is reporting on a new spot from Samsung animated by Moonbot in Shreveport.

Painfully cute real-life celebrity couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard add another painfully cute Samsung spot to their résumés today, as the electronics retailer has recruited the pair to introduce its souped-up Family Hub refrigerator (and its built-in cameras) to the public with a raft of new advertising.

The campaign begins with the digital short below, by R/GA, which shows the actors unloading groceries into the fancy new fridge, which Samsung unveiled at CES this year. They leave and walk away, but we get a glimpse inside—first through the screen on the outside of the fridge, which shows its contents, and then inside, which is a blissed-out paradise where all the food seems to have paired off in ecstatic love.

Well, almost all the food. A sad bottle of chocolate syrup seems bereft. Will he find the perfect partner to pour some sugar on? Watch the spot below: