Storyboards from 15 of Your Favorite Films

spartacusStoryboards from the film Spartacus

FlavorWire has a cool post up showing storyboard examples of 15 classic movies such as Spartacus (above), Taxi Driver, Star Wars, Jaws and many others.
From the Site:

Hitchcock was one of the first studio directors to rely heavily on storyboards in production of his films. He would map out his distinctive set pieces using storyboards — those cool drawings that show exactly what will be in the frame, and any movements the camera might make — and would then create them on set, often shot for shot. Hitchock wasn’t the first to do it, but he was an enthusiastic and consistent early adopter, and the filmmakers who followed with an eye for sharp camerawork (from Scorsese and Spielberg to the Coens and Nolan) frequently do the same. With storyboards on our mind lately thanks to their use in both the opening sequence and the climax of Argo, we decided to put together a gallery of some of our favorite storyboards from iconic movies. (Special thanks to the folks behind the “Drawing Board” column of the DGA Quarterly, where we found several of the storyboards to follow.)

You can read the entire post and see the storyboards here.

Press release: Gustaf the Puffin

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Gabriele Ranfagni has launched a Crowd Funding effort for his film Gustaf the Puffin. Check out the press release below. Incidentally we interviewed him a while back.

Today, on January 12th, 2015 we are glad to announce that our fundraising page on Karolina Fund has been opened.

Here you can find the link to our page and read all about our project :

We are aiming high and need 42.000 Euros so our project can go from an idea to reality. To reach our goal we need your help. All press coverage, interviews, pictures and such would get us closer to our fundraising goal.

Gustaf the puffin is an animated character which I, Anna Birgis and Gabriele Ranfagni own the copyright to.

We have an excellent team behind us, all very qualified animators. You can see our team on our page on Karolina Fund.

We are aiming to have the pilot show ready in the fall of 2015. We do not have a specific date yet but we will keep you posted.

When that show is ready and premiered, the people that donated the high amounts to our project will be invited to see it, if they have free time to fly over to Iceland. Along with them, part of our team, my self and Gabriele and people from the press, this premier will be a great one.

After the pilot episode is ready and has been premiered it is time for my self and Gabriele to find an investor for our project. Our idea is to make 24 episodes, 11 minutes each.

Gustaf the puffin is Icelandic and all episodes made will happen in icelandic landscape.

As you can see on our fundraising page on Karolina Fund, the introduction for Gustaf the puffin happens on an icelandic beach on black sand right by a place called Dyrholaey.

The idea for the project happened at Dyrholaey last summer in July when my self, Gabriele and others went there to look at the puffins.

If you have more questions or want an interview please contact me – Anna Birgis, by email or by phone +354-8658586.

Thank you and I surely hope I will hear from you very soon.