The Minimalist Animation of ‘Archer’


AWN has an interesting article about my favorite prime time show Archer on FX and highlights their production pipeline as well which is rare for even for an animation interview. Producer Neil Holman and art director Chad Hurd detail the limited but highly stylized animation techniques they wield to devastatingly hilarious effect on their hit FX animated series.

CH: Yeah, well one big new thing that we’re using now is Toon Boom Harmony, which is kind of like a super fancy Flash that’s made for animating. It’s a lot more traditional and we’ve been using this a lot more with our rigs. Anything that you see that has a lot of movement, usually our action scenes, like when we do a big spin kick, that’s done in Harmony. We’ve been using that a good bit more this season. You’re going to see a lot of fun action scenes.


You can read the entire AWN article on Archer’s pipeline process here.

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