Boltron Ultimate – Evil Maximus Omega (Ep #1)

Check out this really cool little series which mimics old school arcade games perfectly ad makes me want to break out my Sonic the Hedgehog games! I asked Chris Burns, one of the creators a few questions about the process and here’s what he said:

Did you guys do it alone or through a company? 
We animated everything through our company Exit 73 studios as first a short and then SpindoTV asked us to do a short web series within this universe… They were absolutely great and completely supported the direction we wanted to take these characters, each episode features a different style of gameplay, where episode 01 pays homage to a ninja gaiden/ turtles in time vibe, episode 02 finds its place in more of a legend of Zelda setting.
It’s found its home on SpindoTV, which is owned by the awesome toy company Spinmasters.
How’d you animate it?
We used strictly Flash for this one (specifically Flash MX) for a bunch of reasons, the playback and having audio was essential in getting the camera moves right.  How we got the pixel look, was setting the preferences to “snapping to grid”, which meant literally drawing and creating these images one tiny square at a time…. And boy did it take some time!  But I wanted to make sure it was as authentic to the process as it was making game imagery back in the day of pixel art.
 What was used to make it, in other words what was the process involved in making it?
Once animation was finished we scored the shorts with a combination of Fruity Loops and in-house equipment, then brought a PNG sequence into After Effects to export it so it was web ready.  It has been: and continues to be, one of the most rewarding animation projects I have been apart of, with content that is close to my heart, and learning a new style to animate with.
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