Libby Ward and Kevin Glikmann

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What is your name and your current occupation?
Libby Ward, currently writing for WB’s Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! (with Jon Colton Barry).
Kevin Glikmann voice over actor. Currently the voice of Leonard the evil squirrel-alien on Nick’s Get Blake!

What are some of the crazier jobs you had before getting into animation?
Libby: I’ve always been involved in animation, but before it was a full time gig I supported myself calculating commercial airline weight and balance, playing on the Seahawks NFL drumline and leading underwater tours as a SCUBA Dive Master in Hawaii.
Kevin:Telemarketing for the Riverside Police department Costume Ball.

What are some of your favorite projects you’re proud to have been a part of?
Libby: I loved working for the Muppets and Henson (my original comic entertainment inspiration) and I’m crazy about Scooby-Doo!
Kevin: Get Blake! My first cartoon series. We did 52 episodes. It’s currently on Nicktoons.

Where are you from and how did you get into the animation business?
Libby: I’m from Seattle, WA. I started drawing in elementary school, recreating images of Bambi, Little Foot and Hagar the Horrible. I was disqualified from Continue reading

Review: Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness

Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness
Reviewed by Melissa Milo

America’s favorite squad of sleuths team up once more in a new original movie, Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment brings you an animated feature that is sure to be loved by any age group, holds an entertaining plot, and even has a couple celebrities within the cast.

The film begins with the whole gang- Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Daphne- winning the last five seats in a lottery to join billionaire, Sly Baron (played by regal-voiced actor, Malcolm McDowell) aboard his brand new ship, The Sly Star One to descend into space along with a handful of other lottery winners. It’s all fun and games until a supposed alien begins to destroy parts of the ship and the crew is forced to land on Sly’s base, which is built on the dark side of the moon. The entire premise of the plot is set on Scooby-Doo and the Gang figuring out how to stop this alien… if it even is a real alien.

With surprisingly sharp wit and droll comedic timing, Moon Monster Madness is a movie that children especially would not want to miss. The great part about this film is that adults will most likely enjoy it as well. The famed movie Alien from 1979 is given a nod several times within the story. For example, the suspicious AI robot that the audience isn’t too sure they can trust, is mimicked in one character, and the design of the alien that chases the crew is very similar to that of Ridley Scott’s. This gives the film a certain je ne se quoi that provokes older audience members to get interested in the plot. In addition to this, more mature viewers may appreciate that Matthew Lillard, the same actor who played Shaggy in the live-action take on the Scooby-Doo franchise, plays the voice of Shaggy.

Another quality that one may notice is the character designs have not been changed. Unlike many other rebooted animated characters that have been around for years, Scooby-Doo and the Gang remain unmodified. This aspect successfully preserves the nostalgia Scooby-Doo movies bring to the table as well as the timeless charisma each protagonist possesses.

Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness is a piece of work that might quite possibly be underrated due to its going straight to DVD, however I am here to tell you all that this animated film should not be overlooked. It’s fun, silly, well acted, well written, and decently animated. If you have children, definitely scoop a copy of this up- and if you love Scooby-Doo, do the same thing.

Pencils-Scooby Doo Monster Madness

Here’s some bonus content for the DVD as well!

and another one…


Scooby Doo_Moon Monster Madness_Box Art 2D_FINAL







FEBRUARY 17, 2015

Release Includes a Bonus Featurette about Space Exploration

BURBANK, CA (December 10, 2014) – Zoinks! Get ready for some hilarious high jinks in outer space with Scooby-Doo! The lovable Great Dane is on a mission to deliver big laughs as he and the Mystery Incorporated gang take off on a super stellar adventure in Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness, available in stores February 17, 2015. This all-new, feature length animated adventure will be sold on standard DVD, which retails for $19.98 SRP (DVD) and is available on Digital HD.

Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness will be available early through EST for download February 3, 2015.

It’s one giant step for dog-kind as Scooby-Doo and the gang blast off for an epic journey into outer space in this must-own, original, new film! After winning the last five seats in a lottery, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Daphne and Velma are off to space in billionaire Sly Barron’s brand new ship, the Sly Star One, a space tourism vessel setting off on its inaugural voyage. It’s all gravity-free fun until a mysterious alien begins to destroy the ship! As the vessel breaks down, the crew is forced to land on Sly Baron’s base – located on the dark side of the moon! Will the gang unravel this alien mystery? Will Scooby and Shaggy find snacks on the moon? Fans will want to hop on board, fasten their seat belts and journey to the outer limits with Scooby-Doo to find out!

“Scooby-Doo is one of our leading brands. The popularity of the characters remains solid decade after decade as new generations embrace the Mystery Inc. gang,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Vice President Family & Animation Marketing. She added, “We think fans of all ages will enjoy seeing Scooby-Doo and his pals in this exciting, new adventure.”

Bonus Features:

  • Space Travel is Groovy! — Join Mindy Cohn, the voice of “Velma,” as she introduces viewers to some of the real world technology and training that is part of modern space flight.

The Credits

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