Trap Parkour by CorridorDigital

A clever little stop motion piece involving parkour and the ground!

video source: CorridorDigital

“Digital vs. Traditional” by Nata Metlukh

A graduation film made at Vancouver Film School (2015), 4 weeks of production.
Directed and animated by Nata Metlukh
Sound design by Julian Gallese

Official selection:
Spike & Mike’s Festival of Animation

More about Nata Metlukh:
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“Battle Deadline” by John Cody Kim

Check out this brilliant short film by Cal Arts senior John Cody Kim that follows 4 animation students trying to hit their deadlines for their films which goes horribly awry when discarded drawings attack! It was well directed, sweet and I was enthralled with the story. Such a great lil’ piece of film for a student. Enjoy!


News: The History of English- Animated

Here’s a great piece about the history of the English language. It reminds me a bit of the old Monty Python animate bits. Enjoy!

From The Open University:

Where did the phrase ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ come from? And when did scientists finally get round to naming sexual body parts? Voiced by Clive Anderson, this entertaining romp through ‘The History of English’ squeezes 1600 years of history into 10 one-minute bites, uncovering the sources of English words and phrases from Shakespeare and the King James Bible to America and the Internet. Bursting with fascinating facts, the series looks at how English grew from a small tongue into a major global language before reflecting on the future of English in the 21st century.