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Ink and Pixel has an interesting article up about Disney/Pixar’s Monster’s University with some nice development art.

From the site:

There’s no doubt in my mind that MONSTERS UNIVERSITY had the chips stacked against it from the moment of its conception. I say this because I remember the vehement reaction to the announcement of the film via social media – and just how much of a three-ring-circus that turned out to be. I think that part of the reason for the anti-MONSTERS U sentiment is that after the roaring success of 2010’s TOY STORY 3, Pixar experienced its first true misfire with the release of CARS 2 in June of 2011. As a sequel to the 2006 original, CARS 2 seemed to cast a spell of disenchantment over critics and audience members alike with its uninspired plot and cast of lackluster character leads. Oh sure, the film still made a fair bit of coin with a worldwide return of $559,852,396 in box office receipts, but fans’ once-resilient faith in the Pixar brand had been shaken none the less.

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