The Best Animated Movies on Netflix Right Now

Collider has a great article up about the best animated films currently on Netflix. And they’re ALL 2d animated as well! (except Boxtrolls, but we’ll give them a pass because it was an EXCELLENT film!) Also among them are Mulan, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Secret of the Kells. There’s also one that’s not been on my radar which looks interesting called Berserk which is not on my radar until now. I’m not typically a fan of the ‘shot on 4’s” anime films but there’s some great looking shots in the trailer. (above) Check it out!

From the article:

…we’ve combed through the available features streaming on Netflix to bring you the best of the best. There’s something here for everyone, including one of Disney’s most over-looked features, Oscar-nominated animations, classics and contemporary movies alike, all representing a stunning variety of animation styles. Whether you’re a casual fan or a longtime devotee of animation, there’s something for everyone here.



You can read the entire article here.

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