Privisa trailer


Privisa is an upcoming animated feature film made in Poland, which is all about a kid who just does not want to grow up.

From the creators:

It tells the story of Wilkan, son of the great hunter Borzymir who is about to get his first haircut. He finds out that the elders of the tribe announced the list of the oldest who will be soon “taking the ritual of last journey”. His beloved grandfather Stanimir is among them. The distraught boy will do everything to stop the ceremony and that gets him and the whole village (Privisa) in a lot of trouble.

There comes a time in everyone’s life to let go of illusions and confront their inner demons. For Wolfin – 11 years old, long-haired, freckled boy – this time has just arrived. “Privisa” is a fascinating tale about family, growing up and taking responsibility.

Production – Platige Films
Co-production – Juice, Flat Foot Films
Project development co-funded by Polish Film Institute

Producer: Magdalena Bargieł
Executive Producer: Katarzyna Fukacz, Jarosław Sawko

Directing, Concept, Art Work: Marcin Karolewski
Script concept: Julita Olszewska
Concept Art: Mathias Zamęcki, Hanna Czyżewska,
3D Artist: Tomasz Dyrduła, Jarosław Handrysik
Producer: Natalia Lasota

Head of Animation: Leszek Nowicki
Animation: Maciej Krowiński, Piotr Sitek, Krzysztof Świderski, Małgorzata Mianowska

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