Storycorps “Driven”

Wendell Scott was the first African American inducted in the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Throughout the 1960s and 70s, he poured his heart, soul, and all of his earnings into maintaining his own race car. His son, Frank, remembers what it took for his father to cross the finish line at racetracks throughout the South.

Directed by: Julie Zammarchi
Executive Producers: Donna Galeno, Dave Isay, Lizzie Jacobs, & Maya Millett
Producer: Rachel Hartman
Co-Producer: Daniel Sitts
Audio Produced by: Jud Esty-Kendall & John White
Storyboard: Jesse Strauss
Design & Animation: Julie Zammarchi
Animation: Rebecca Raeder & Thomas Crew
Backgrounds: Tammy Kim
Production Intern: Felix Lopez
Original Music: Joshua Abrams
Music Performed by: Joshua Abrams, Hamid Drake, Marquis Hill, Emmett Kelly, & Adam Thornburg
Music Mixed by: Joshua Abrams & Neil Strauch
Special Thanks: Frank Scott & Warrick Scott

In Partnership with
American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress

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