Robb Pratt does it again with 2D Flash Gordon tribute

Robb Pratt who animated the two beautifully animated Superman tribute shorts Superman Classic and Bizarro has done it again with a brand new piece starring Flash Gordon ! All animated in 2d! Traditionally on PAPER no less!

Someone give this guy a feature deal already!

Incidentally we interviewed Robb a while back and he told me about the process on Bizarro:

 …the animation is traditional on paper, then scanned into the computer. No clean up, just tied the drawings down very tight. From there I scanned them into the computer and painted them in Photoshop. The BGs are pure digital – all drawn and painted in the computer. I used Final Cut Pro to composite everything together. At the end, I exported sequence images from Final Cut into AfterEffects to apply the anaglyph 3D effect. I think  that covers everything!

Also here’s a little bit of pencil test from the film as well for you to drool over.

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