Wildseed Comedy unveils debut adult animation comedy series Peter’s Place

Peter's Place

Wildseed Comedy unveils debut adult animation comedy series Peter’s Place
Wildseed Comedy has unveiled Peter’s Place, its debut adult animation comedy series. The show is set in a pub in Manchester, the sort that would give Family Guys’ The Drunken Clam a run for its money, and is managed by Peter, a quick-witted, foul-mouthed northerner with trust issues and anxieties over the threatening expansion of the middle classes. You know the type.

The series is part of Wildseed Studio’s commitment to launch a new series every month and provide viewers with premium, original shows featuring the best new UK comedy talent.

Peter’s Place explores the dysfunctional relationships Peter has with his clientele and the bond that binds these misfits including foul-mouthed pensioner Mary who’s lonely and un-loved ever since her husband left her. Then there’s Brian, an aspiring creative trapped in a soulless job – and not forgetting Oliver who’s a bit of a dreamer that needs a guiding hand to cope with the tough realities of modern life.

Produced by Wildseed Comedy, Peter’s Place is a four-part series which viewers can watch on Wildseed Comedy’s YouTube channel from Tuesday 14 April here http://petersplaceseries.com/


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About Wildseed Comedy


Founded in 2014 by Miles Bullough & Jesse Cleverly, Wildseed Comedy aims to become the home of new online comedy in the UK. Our mission is to help bring fresh comedy projects to life through nurturing, developing and financing talent. We are dedicated to providing viewers with premium, original, scripted shows featuring the best new UK comedy talent, with a new series launching every month.


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