Tutorial Tuesday: How to export a Two panel pdf in Storyboard Pro

Here’s a quick tutorial for Tutorial Tuesday that came out some frustration I was having with Storyboard Pro recently. The other night I had an issue with exporting a one-paneled PDF in Storyboard Pro that simply displayed the Action AND Dialog boxes below it as in the pic below.


Seems fairly straight forward but in the default export it WILL NOT do this. I tried for quite a while to bend it to my will, but just couldn’t get what I wanted. Each time I tried to export, Storyboard Pro would either delete the Action panel, delete the Dialog panel, truncate the words or flat not show either. I couldn’t find squat about it on the web. So far Toon Boom has not responded to my requests for help. Luckily, thanks to this site, I know a great many fantastic people in the business and my good buddy Sherm Cohen of Sponge Bob, Phineas and Ferb and Kick Buttowski as well as  Storyboard Secrets fame came to my rescue! If you don’t know about his site you should finish reading this short tutorial, and head directly over there for all sorts of storyboardin’ goodness.

Anyway, Sherm helped me figure out what was wrong and with a few of my own tweaks I got exactly what I needed out of the settings finally. Below in all their glory are the way you’d pull this off. Here’s a link to the pdf Storyboard Pro spit out with these settings.

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