Promote Yourself: Character Animation in Toon Boom Animate 3 DVD out Sept 10th

Hey Campers,
Tony Ross of here, and we’ve been working on this since April, but we will finally be releasing our new Toon Boom training, Character Animation in Toon Boom Animate 3, on Wednesday September 10.  This is probably the strongest, most in-depth Toon Boom title tonyteach has released to date, and it covers everything from a basic intro, to completing a short animated scene!
Learn ToonBoom Animate 3 in the most Easy way with this Step by Step Video Course!
Though this course is for Toon Boom Animate 3, a majority of the tutorials work for version 2 as well. In addition, there is a BONUS section covering the Animate 3 Pro version.
Tony Ross/
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