Reviews: Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon

Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon
Reviewed by Melissa Milo


Warner Bros. Animation, who’s produced countless hits such as Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Batman the Animated series and many more has brought back the dynamic duo in a big way.

Rather than the usual setting Tom and Jerry takes place in, this time our heroes dwell in an otherworldly village, filled with wizards, witches, and dragons and blue skinned people. Amongst them is a young, green-skinned witch named Athena who lives there as well along with our other two protagonists: Tom and Jerry.  Why she’s green is never really revealed.

Hated by the residents of this village due to the association with her evil aunt Drizelda, Athena is misunderstood and lonely, considering her only two friends are a cat and a mouse. When the trio finds an unhatched dragon egg, Tom is chosen to raise it once the creature is born. Aunt Drizelda, who was banished years earlier for use of dark magic, decides she needs the power this little dragon possesses and attempts to kidnap the poor thing. Throughout the rest of the movie everyone is trying to keep the dragon out of harm’s way all the while avoiding their village from being destroyed by Drizelda’s dark powers.

Although this movie was sweet and had a touching sense of child-friendly adventure, there were a few flaws. The plot line was a bit predictable and lacked the traditional fighting between Tom and Jerry, aside from a couple short scenes however in this politically-correct world that’s to be expected and this was not made for adults but for impressionable children. Still I did miss the slapstick humor and rivalry between the famous duo. The end of the film was also a bit perilous, in which some young children might find scary. However, despite these issues the rest of the movie was pretty humorous and adorable, especially with the baby dragon whose cheeks I desperately wanted to pinch.

Maybe this movie was not the Oscar pick of the season, but if you have a child from about four to eight, this movie might be worth watching. Enjoy!


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