ANIMATED! exhibition at Greenhill (Sept 6 – Nov 9, 2013)

ANIMATED! (September 6 – November 9, 2013)
Curated by Edie Carpenter, ANIMATED! presents 23 artists who investigate animation from 19th century animation devices to the elaboration of original animated worlds. The exhibition will explore sequential art from flip books and storyboards to Claymation, and present works on paper as well as digital media.  The influence of animation on other art forms including jewelry, pottery, sculpture and painting will also be explored.   Associated programs include talks by Marc Russo on the conception and design of his award-winning animated narrative The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; by Dr. Heather Holian on contemporary art and Pixar, and panel discussions by participating artists touching on topics such as comic book heroes and the influence of Japanese animé.   In collaboration with Georges Le Chevallier, Greenhill will host a screening of selected animated shorts from the 2012 BLOC PROJECTS animation project.
Participating Artists:
Advanced Media Lab
Julie Armbruster
Ryan Buyssens
Jason Carpenter
Michael Carpenter
Paige Cox
Jill Eberle
Bill Fick
Patrick FitzGerald
Heather Freeman
Stephanie Freese
Paul Friedrich
David Huyck
Tyler Jackson
Jim Kransberger
Brett McDonough
Marc E. Russo
Eliseo Santos
Thomas Spradling
Francesca Talenti
Sarah Tector
Trevor Van Meter
Izel Vargas
James Young
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