Jacques Muller

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What is your name and your current occupation? 
My name is Jacques Muller. I am presently senior lecturer (Classical animation) at the School of Interactive Digital Media of Nanyang Polytechnic of Singapore.

What are some of the crazier jobs you had before getting into animation?
Waiter for half a day in a Paris restaurant, with no prior experience (I spilled the drinks over 5 customers when I couldn’t keep my tray balanced)

What are some of your favorite projects you’re proud to have been a part of? 
Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Space Jam, Rescuers Down Under, Star Wars, the Illusionist.

Where are you from and how did you get into the animation business?
I am from the Angouleme region in South West of France, one hour north of Bordeaux. I started at Continue reading