Sketchbook Pro custom brush sets


If you’re a fan of Sketchbook Pro like I am you know it’s an amazing program. I would argue it’s the easiest program to use digitally out of the box bar none. No other program is intelligently designed enough to allow a 5-year-old to use it yet create broadcast or print quality work as well. You can draw, paint, and even animate with it and it is available on most platforms including OSX, Windows XP through Windows 10, and even your favorite Android tablet or iOs device as well! In short it’s an extremely versatile program all for $185! Not bad! They even have subscription for $4.99 a month which allows you to get the latest builds as they upgrade the software.


In short, pretty damn amazing if you ask me!

PLUS, it has a small footprint, which means it will work on old tablet PCs like the Motion Computing LE 1700 which you can get for a song these days on eBay and other places. Of course you can also use it with a Surface Pro or iPad Pro as well.

The latest version Sketchbook 8 has redesigned it’s brushes so you can really get some interesting details you can mix colors and blend them as well. Oil paint, watercolors, ink and chalk are some of the default choices but there are many others to choose from as well. Lately has been posting free custom brushes for download, and this week a buddy of mine was feature on the blog. Keith Cowan creates some truly amazing pieces of work and you owe it to yourself to check his work out.

Below is Keith‘s custom art brushes as well as other Sketchbook Brush download sets to get you started!







































If you’re NOT familiar with Sketchbook Pro yet, below is a list of some of the things it can do right out of the box…

Distort transform

SketchBook Pro distort transform tool adjusting orientation of dragon sketch

Advanced perspective guides

SketchBook Pro advanced perspective guides being used to draw skyscrapers

Synthetic and blending brush types

SketchBook Pro synthentic and blending brushes blending several ink colors

Enhanced selection

SketchBook Pro enhanced selection tool being used to select pant color on sketch of Women

Dynamic gradient fill

SketchBook Pro dynamic gradient being applied to sketch of drill

Flipbook animation

Several frames of baseball player swinging using SketchBook Pro Flipbook animation

Custom canvas size up to 64 MPX

SketchBook Pro canvas UI that can be as large as 64MPX

Copic Color Library

SketchBook Pro Copic Color Library UI

Create and customize your own brushes

SketchBook Pro Customizable brush UI displaying all customization options

Brush Library

SketchBook Pro Brush library UI with wide variety of pre-made brushes to choose from

Advanced layer functionality

SketchBook Pro Layer group UI showing layers being organized by group

Blending modes

SketchBook Pro Blending mode UI showing all blend modes available

Now go out there and make some amazing content!

News: Motion Computing CL920 Rugged Windows Tablet PC Overview

If you’ve ever owned a Motion Computing product like the LE1600 or the LE1700 you know that until recently no one even came close to them in the Tablet Pc market and I would argue that even the Surface Pro 3  doesn’t quite get it right as far as my tests have revealed. In contrast, the old school LE1600 still pretty much works perfectly well as a digital sketchbook armed with Sketchbook Pro as long as you don’t choke it to death with the bloated XP Service packs Microsoft churned out to fix their security holes.

Anyway, today a Motion Computing partner CTS-Complete Tablet Solutions sent me an email about Motion’s newest endeavor the CL920 and at first glance it looks pretty sweet which doesn’t surprise me. At 1.9 lbs, (which is admittedly a bit bulky) armed with SSD drives, a 10″ Gorilla Glass 3 10 finger touch screen,  a spiffy Intel® Atomâ„¢ N2600 Dual Core Processor, sleek stylus, 8 hours of battery life, front and rear digital cameras, SD cards slot as well as micro HDMI, it’s really like a space age version of my old LE1600 FINALLY amped up for the 21st century. What also doesn’t surprise me is you can’t find anything on the site about pricing so I’m quite sure it’s going to be hella expensive. But still, with the Gorilla Glass and rugged chassis it likely won’t be scratching like the reports I’ve had about the Citniq Companion and the Surface Pro 3 screens are apparently doing. I’ve inquired about price and as soon as I know more I’ll update this post.