News: Motion Computing CL920 Rugged Windows Tablet PC Overview

If you’ve ever owned a Motion Computing product like the LE1600 or the LE1700 you know that until recently no one even came close to them in the Tablet Pc market and I would argue that even the Surface Pro 3  doesn’t quite get it right as far as my tests have revealed. In contrast, the old school LE1600 still pretty much works perfectly well as a digital sketchbook armed with Sketchbook Pro as long as you don’t choke it to death with the bloated XP Service packs Microsoft churned out to fix their security holes.

Anyway, today a Motion Computing partner CTS-Complete Tablet Solutions sent me an email about Motion’s newest endeavor the CL920 and at first glance it looks pretty sweet which doesn’t surprise me. At 1.9 lbs, (which is admittedly a bit bulky) armed with SSD drives, a 10″ Gorilla Glass 3 10 finger touch screen,  a spiffy Intel® Atomâ„¢ N2600 Dual Core Processor, sleek stylus, 8 hours of battery life, front and rear digital cameras, SD cards slot as well as micro HDMI, it’s really like a space age version of my old LE1600 FINALLY amped up for the 21st century. What also doesn’t surprise me is you can’t find anything on the site about pricing so I’m quite sure it’s going to be hella expensive. But still, with the Gorilla Glass and rugged chassis it likely won’t be scratching like the reports I’ve had about the Citniq Companion and the Surface Pro 3 screens are apparently doing. I’ve inquired about price and as soon as I know more I’ll update this post.

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