Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment is getting into the booming, competitive animation business

The L.A. Times has an interesting story up that Hollywood producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard are stepping into the animated film business in hopes of taking advantage of the booming — and increasingly competitive — market for family movies.

From the site:

Grazer and Howard’s production company Imagine Entertainment has teamed with Australian animation firm Animal Logic to develop, produce and finance six movies during the next five years, they said. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Animal Logic, based in Sydney with offices in Vancouver and Los Angeles, is best known for doing the animation for hit films including Oscar-winner “Happy Feet” and “The Lego Movie,” both of which were released by Warner Bros.

The move comes amid animation’s continued dominance at the box office. Four of the top 10 movies last year were computer animated — “Finding Dory,” “The Secret Life of Pets,” “Zootopia” and “Sing.” The grown-up mid-budget movies Imagine has built its brand around face growing difficulties at the box office.

You can red the entire story here.

Got Disney VHS tapes?


Moviepilot has an article up about the huge amounts of cash old Disney VHS tapes are going for these days on eBay.

In a surprising find, original Beauty and the Beast VHS tapes are selling on Ebay for as much as $9,000! What?! One in particular is being sold for nearly ten THOUSAND dollars, in an unopened “Black Diamond Classic” case, which you can see originally sold for a mere twenty dollars.

Because of John Lasseter, There Was Almost No ‘Frozen’

The Laughing Place has an interesting blurb and clip from Zachary Levi concerning how Frozen was almost did make it to screen.

From the article:

Zachary Levi, the voice of Flynn in Tangled, recently sat down to talk to Entertainment Tonight about the new Tangled TV series and the possibility of a Chuck reunion.

But perhaps the most interesting thing he said was he was told by John Lasseter, the Chief Creative Officer for all of Disney animation, that Tangled would be Disney’s last fairy tale movie.

“He said, ‘Alright guys, this is it. This is the last one,’” the 35-year-old actor recalled Lasseter saying. “Then he made Tangled and we did really well and it was enough to buoy that for them to go and make Frozen.”

“So I will say to the Frozen people, ‘You’re welcome. You are welcome,’” Levi joked.

You can read the entire thing here.

Cartoon Network’s ‘Adventure Time’ Heads To Big Screen At Warner Bros.

adventure_time-rpg is reporting that Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time is heading to the big screen as it goes into development at Warner Bros. to produce a feature film which will be helmed by the winning combo of Chris McKay and Roy Lee.

"The Lego Movie" Los Angeles PremiereMcKay (one of the exec producers of The Lego Movie) was recently hired to direct The Lego Batman Movie at Warner Bros. and also was the genius behind Robot Chicken. Lee is producing The Lego Batman Movie and also produced Warner Bros.’ groundbreaking animated The Lego Movie along with Dan Lin. That film broke box office records when it bowed last year to $69M for the studio; it has since grossed a whopping $468.7M Pendleton_Wardworldwide. Cartoon Networks Studios will be involved in the production as will Pendleton Ward, the show’s creator who will have some involvement in writing and producing the feature version.


You can read the entire article by clicking this link.