Hej Stylus

I haven’t had a chance to play around with this yet but it looks interesting. The idea is that by offsetting your stylus you can get more of a brush stroke. I’m not entirely sure that will do what they claim but you can check it out for yourself easily enough by downloading it and trying it out.

You can learn more here.

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  1. It’s not about making if be more of a brush stroke. This is active smoothing finally available for Mac system-wide. Much like the “pulled-string” setting in Lazy Nezumi for Windows. High end graphics programs often have “Lazy Mouse” settings in them to stabilize drawing. (Z-brush, Painter, and others)

    I say active smoothing because it happens during user input instead of smoothing after the stroke has been made. (Adobe products tend to be post smoothing which smooths strokes after the pen/mouse stroke has stopped)

    By the way, it works great!

  2. Version 2.0 is out now!


    * Position Pull – FREE FOR EVERYBODY, NOW! 😀
    * Exchangeable presets
    * Shortcuts
    * Pressure smoothing and buffering
    * Two position smoothing methods
    * Instant pressure mapping
    * Tilt and rotation smoothing
    * Works with any graphics software running on the Mac
    * Works with a mouse, trackpad, stylus, or graphics tablet

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