The Art of Storyboarding with Ridley Scott

A fascinating look into the mind of Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator, Thelma & Louise, The Martian) and how he uses storyboards in his process. And this unlike many other interviews is interesting to me at least because the whole thing is about storyboards. Scott is an artist himself and works out his own boards and thumbnails for his films.

When I draw, I get sucked into the scene, and when I get sucked into the scene I start to visualize other opportunities which aren’t just pictures but suggestions for actors, how the scene can go and how you can adjust and maybe even find how the words are used.

The storyboard becomes rather like a sophisticated comic strip well in act now comic strips are really sophisticated and ideally that’s what storyboards should be, because you’re seeing the dynamics of,… and if it’s really well drawn, then you can follow the dynamics of the sequence and even if it’s dialog you always do something that isn’t just two talking heads but then of course two talking heads can also be interesting.

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