‘Beauty And The Beast’ Trailer: Timeless Animation Classic Goes Live-Action

Geeks of Doom has the new live action Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer up.

From the site:

As far as anticipation goes, Beauty and the Beast is the highest considering the film was a part of Disney’s animation renaissance that occurred in the 90s. The 1991 film was one of the first animated films nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. It was also known for its incredible score and songs, so director Bill Condon has his work cut out for him for this new version. But judging by those early reactions at D23 and how we were all gushing when we saw Luke Evans as the muscle-bound meathead hunter Gaston and Josh Gad as Le Fou Gaston’s diminutive and bumbling sidekick belt out a tune, I think Disney has a pretty solid hit on their hands. Their track record for turning their animated film library into live-action films has been one hit after another. Disney’s current filmmaking trend has been transforming their animated classics into successful live-action hits – as noted byCinderella and most recently The Jungle Book. So it should be interesting how that all holds up in the coming years. If anything, the positive reaction and (possible) success of Beauty and the Beast will only give the studio more reason to continue to keep giving more live-action tellings or twists to their previously animated films.


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