New Wildseed Adult Animation shows

Wildseed Studios has unveiled two new adult animation shows.

Wolf Jenkins


What show gives you lines like “General Ho Phung was busy being a twat to an animal” and “It was a beautiful, badly drawn, summers day”? Say hello to Wolf Jenkins. Created by comic actor and Channel 4 Comedy blap star Andy Needle and produced by Wildseed Studios, the show follows hero Vietnam Vet Wolf Jenkins on a mission of violence against the evil, bad guys to rescue the animals, particularly those that were mugged, tortured or made to wear a fez. Negotiating with the enemy is not an option for our war hero because if there’s one thing Wolf Jenkins loves as much as fluffy little animals it’s ripping out a man’s insides and chucking them into another man’s eyes.

Lone Wolves


Wildseed Studios has unveiled Lone Wolves, a new animated comedy by the SpinKickBros that follows two feral teenage boys being brought up by their single dad, a Hell’s Angel type who doesn’t want them to repeat his mistakes but is secretly proud when they rebel – think Die Hard meets Dawsons Creek.  This family experiences the same trials and tribulations as every other family the world over, just rougher, tougher and swearier. Each episode deals with important things like girl trouble and how to get booze for a party.

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