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DreamWorks TV is looking for an artist with a diverse set of design skills to work in a fast paced, television production environment. This Artist will focus on CG Background and CG Prop design. They will work in all aspects of design process: rough concept, color concept, line art, orthographic turns, color, and texture. They will need to be able to design within the style of the show as well as work digitally on a Cintiq and various software programs, including, but not limited to Photoshop and Illustrator. They should be organized and able to manage a variety of tasks within the given schedule.

Visual Development Artist


* Resolve design problems with creative supervisors.
* Ensure all deadlines are met.
* Communicate progress of work to appropriate production staff.
* Ensure all artwork is properly backed up and stored appropriately.
* Ensure all shipping materials are prepared and ready on time.
* Work with partner studios.

Required Skills

* Must demonstrate proficiency in style of show.
* Strong design and construction/mechanical skills.
* Knowledge of or willingness to learn applicable design software and hardware.
* Strong time-management skills.
* Must be organized and able to work within a schedule.
* Work well under pressure.
* Ability to multitask required.
* Must know Photoshop.
* Able to work digitally on a Cintiq.

Job Location
Glendale, California, United States
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