Glen Keane- Step Into The Page- The Future of Storytelling

This five-minute video was created for the Future of Storytelling Summit, an invitation-only summit that takes place in NYC. The Summit gathers leaders in communications, media, entertainment, and advertising to explore the evolution of storytelling from all angles: creative, technology, critical, formal and financial. Glen is a featured speaker at the summit and is sharing his views on the potential of animation and storytelling with respect to virtual reality technology.

Instead of a paper and pencil, Keane draws life-sized versions of Ariel and Beast in the short with an HTC Vive headset and the 3D painting app called Tilt Brush, (which is now owned by Google). Rather than just being static on a page, he’s able to walk around his characters as if they were fully three-dimensional.

A demo for the rather unique software Glen is using can be seen below.

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