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Image Finaling Artist

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Company: DreamWorks Animation Skg
Location: Glendale, CA
Date Posted: July 17, 2015
Source: DreamWorks Animation Skg
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Job Description
DreamWorks Animation is seeking an Image Finaling Artist.

Required Skills
Image Finaling Artists "polish" each shot as it leaves the lighting department. As an Image Finaling artist, you will be required to digitally alter frames using compositing techniques in Nuke. Artists also diagnose rendering issues with Nuke scripts that were created by other artists. They review each frame to ensure that there are no issues or problems. All Image Finaling artists take feedback from supervisors and artistic leads to correct or enhance footage. Image Finaling artists also address stereoscopic discrepancies which cannot be fixed by other departments. Photoshop is also used frequently by the artists to fix and enhance large resolution still images for use in commercial products and posters.

Required Experience
- Must be proficient with the latest versions of Nuke and Photoshop.
- Must be comfortable with exploring large Nuke scripts to troubleshoot and fix issues.
- Ability to track patches, rotoscope, digitally paint, color correct, and diagnose rendering issues in Nuke.
- Strong understanding of compositing.
- A minimum of one year work experience in a production environment.
- BA or equivalent experience
- Efficient and speedy work practices for quick turn-around time under deadline pressure.
- Please be highly motivated and passionate about your work and have a positive attitude.

- Professional stereoscopic experience.
- Ability to create motion graphics.
- Knowledge of 3D Animation Pipeline.
- Experience with working in CG environments.
- Traditional art skills which demonstrate an eye for light, shadow, composition, and color.
- UNIX or Linux operating system experience.
- Knowledge of Nuke''s 3D environment and tools.
- Programming or scripting experience.

Job Location
    Glendale, California, United States
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