Mr. Media interviews Oscar-nominated and Palm d’Or winning animator Bill Plympton


Stitcher has an interesting audio interview up with two time Academy Award nominee Bill Plympton. You can listen to the interview here.

From the site:

Today’s Guest: Oscar-nominated and Palm d’Or winning animator Bill Plympton, whose seventh feature film is Cheatin.  BILL PLYMPTON podcast excerpt: “Hollywood doesn’t believe there is an audience for adult-oriented animation, which I think is all wrong. You go to Europe or Japan and there are huge audiences for films that speak about adult ideas and adult situations. But for too long, we’ve been dominated by Disney — and especially Pixar now — with their computer animation and their fairytales. The distributors are afraid to handle anything else. Ralph Bakshi opened the door a little bit back in the early 1`970s and it was immediately shut after he stopped doing it. I’m trying to open the door again with ‘Cheatin.’

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