Job: Disney Animator-Burbank, CA.

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Disney is looking for an animator in Burbank… Click here to apply for the Disney animator job.

From their site:


Animators, grab your reels and prepare to do the best work of your life!

Be part of the longest running animation team in history. Work alongside legends. Drink all the coffee you want. Waltz into the Animation Research Library and hold a Fred Moore scene in your hands. Use your animation powers for good and touch the hearts of millions of people around the globe.

We want talented men and women who show exceptional understanding of weight, locomotion, anatomy, dialogue, acting, appeal, and entertainment. If you’re funny too, that’s a plus. If you’re not, you’d better be a crack foosball player. If you’ve got an opinion, all the better. We want artists with a strong point of view who put a personal spin on their work.

Effectively tell the story in a meaningful way through vivid and compelling character acting and movement
Create quality animation using digital tools for feature films and other related projects
Work closely with Directors and Animation Supervisors in a feature film environment:
Receive assigned shots in sequence review with the Directors providing general guidance
Plan shots with an understanding of story/character context
Block animation, most commonly using audio dialog track
Clearly show performance ideas and shot blocking in Director review (animation dailies)
Collaborate with and take direction from Directors and Animation Supervisors
Implement changes and completely finish shots in accordance with production schedule
Develop a working knowledge of necessary production tools
Maintain an open and professional demeanor regarding direction, changes and shifting requirements
Visual demonstration (Quicktime or web link preferred) of animation that illustrates visual storytelling, believable expressions, emotional states, weight, physics, balance, appeal, entertainment, clear timing, and staging.
2 years production experience
Proficiency in Maya or equivalent software preferred but not required
Background in traditional hand-drawn, computer, or stop-motion animation
Art Background. Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, Illustration, Computer Graphics preferred
Degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics or Engineering or equivalent experience helpful but not required
The Walt Disney Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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