Munich/Berlin, February 05, 2015 – With Princess Emmy – The Movie, Vic The Viking – The Movie and Blinky Bill – The Movie, film sales company Studio 100 Film will be showcasing extraordinary children and family oriented animation movies for international distribution at this year’s EFM 2015.  Studio 100 Film is at Stand N° 24, under the umbrella of Creative Europe MEDIA in Martin-Gropius-Bau.

Currently in pre-production and set for delivery in 2017, Princess Emmy – The Movie is a co-production between Studio 100 Media, Studio 100 Animation and Studio 100 NV.  Produced by Patrick Elmendorff and Thorsten Wegener (Studio 100 Media / Maya The Bee – Movie) and Katell France (Studio 100 Animation), the movie is written and directed by Piet De Rycker, co-author and co-director for Lauras Stern (Laura’s Star) and The Little Polar Bear 2 (Der Kleine Eisbär 2).

Eight-year old Princess Emmy von Kandis keeps a magical secret, she can talk to horses.  On the designated Princess-Day she is set to become a fully-fledged member of the Royal Society.  But her self-confidence is knocked when she finds out that her extremely perfect cousin Gizana will also be appointed a Princess.  Emmy is so involved in keeping her secret, that she does not take her royal lessons with Gizana seriously enough.  As a punishment the Princess-Day is cancelled and a fight emerges between the two after which Gizana gets into great danger.  In order to save her Emmy undertakes everything, including risking her own life…

Vic The Viking – The Movie follows the exploits of a small but powerful Viking who dreams of going on an adventure with the Viking crew.  His father Halvar thinks he is too frail for such a journey but when Vic’s mother Ylva is accidentally turned into a golden statue by the magical sword of Loki, Halvar has no choice but to take Vic and his crew to the forges of Loki, destroy the sword and bring Ylva back to life.  During this trip filled with surprises and dangers Vic will endeavor to prove to his father that he does have the makings of a true Viking.

Originally written by Swedish author Runer Jonsson and honored with the German Youth Literature Prize in 1965, Vic the Viking has gained worldwide recognition and celebrated continuous television presence with its unbroken run of popularity.  With the 40th TV anniversary of the 2-D classic in 2014, two live action films already hitting the big screens and the rejuvenated CGI series in 2014, Studio 100 Film is delighted to present the new Vic The Viking – The Movie, a co-production between Studio 100 Media, Studio 100 Animation and Studio 100 NV. The movie is set for delivery in 2017.

Convinced that his long lost father is still alive, the adventurous koala Blinky Bill embarks on a journey through the Australian outback to bring him home.  Blinky Bill – The Movie, set for completion at the end of Q2/2015, will be presented on behalf of Studio 100 Media’s Australian partner and subsidiary Flying Bark Productions.  This much-awaited film event is based on the iconic 1930’s book series, written and illustrated by Dorothy Wall. The internationally successful animated TV series Blinky Bill is considered a quintessential Australian children’s classic.

About Studio 100 Film

Studio 100 Film is an international feature films sales agency for high quality children and family entertainment motion pictures. The Munich-based company is a subsidiary of Studio 100 Media.

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